Joan Rivers *cough* Tyler *cough* heads to WonderCon 2017 to get the latest and juiciest news from cosplayers outside the con.

So come and hang out on the red carpet with us and listen to Joan interview everyone from Beetlejuice to Spider Gwen and staying classy AF the whole time.


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Special thanks to:
Maui – Matt from Redding, @CaptnRed88
George RR Martin – the GRRM Reaper, @DallasBloom
Rogue – Chrissy Lyn @misschrissylyn
Gambit – Michael Huffman @onexpunchxmickey
McThor – McThor @mcthorcosplay
Beetlejuice – James Rogovoy, @ComicPit
Captain Jack Sparrow – Ceasar Ramirez
Katara – Maggie Rust
Sokka – Shane Rust
Rey – Rei Kennex @rei.kennex
Morpheus – Hodges
Spider Gwen – Erin Fields, @TheKryptonianGirl

Juanitos – Bailando Boogaloo
RoleMusic – Poppies

We love Joan Rivers. She’s inspiring and funny as hell. Seriously, check out her stand up. She kills.


Cast and Crew:

Joan Rivers, Tyler McPhail

Camera Operator, Haley Matsumoto

Editor and Producer, Eric Durham

Producer, Tyler McPhail