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We’re still coming down from the high of running a panel at Comic Con. It was our absolute pleasure to entertain so many people. I’ve said before that it’s a nerdy dream come true, and that sounds super clichéd, but it’s true. It wasn’t Hall H, and it wasn’t Ballroom 20, but it was still a nearly 500 seat room that had earlier that day hosted a Jack Kirby 100th birthday celebration and other really unique offerings. To be even marginally associated with people like that is humbling. So the panel itself is a pretty simple idea we’ve been kicking around for a while. It initially started as a podcast idea several years ago. Actually, one of our favorite debate topics came out of that initial attempt, “Who wore it better: Gollum or Tarzan?” It didn’t work out. Largely because in the early days of The Grand Geek Gathering folks were a little too thirsty to start something new and didn’t really think about the work that goes into producing and sustaining a project. At one point they had seven podcasts going at the same time. It didn’t really work out. They shelved the idea for a while until I dusted it off the idea late last year as an idea for a YouTube series. I was in pre-production for it when we decided to submit panel ideas to SDCC and included Unnecessary Debates in that list. Well, once Comic Con picked it up, that became the focus. We held the panel at several smaller events before Comic Con in order to rehearse it for Comic Con.

The panel itself runs like a classic high-school debate team. A moderator (Tyler) lobs topics at two teams of two, the teams take a quick minute to collect their thoughts and then launch into their tirades. This time around we had some amazingly funny people such as Geoffrey Golden from Devastator Press teamed up with Jenny Jaffe from Big Hero Six the series, and Kevin Bieber of Man Vs Rock paired with myself.

We had the talent, we had the topics (shout out to Tim for helping there), we had the opportunity, then we had the audience. Vincent, Kevin’s partner at Man Vs Rock, helped warm up the room and then we launched into it. The title of the panel was very much the spirit of the panel. The topics were thoroughly unnecessary and ridiculous, including things like strange animal/human relationships, imaginary friends, and lazy robots with art done by the supremely talented Scott “Fuzzy” Joseph. The full panel is embedded below, check it out, drop us a comment, let us know what you thought.


Special thanks to San Diego Comic Con International for inviting us to perform this panel and entertain so many wonderful people. Also please chck out Fuzzy’s current Kickstarter for The Warren Hope.  Check out the art he did for the panel below.

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Music: Poppies by RoleMusic

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Cast and Crew:

Eric Durham

Geoffrey Golden

Jenny Jaffe

Kevin Bieber

Tyler McPhail

Camera Operator, Aelynn Durham

Camera Operator, Evan Haigh

Editor and Producer, Eric Durham

Producer, Tyler McPhail