Enjoy the Anime California Unnecessary Debates. This is an uncut, unedited version. Our friends over at Beyond Fandon will have the video out soon!

The Game of Rassilon is one of those “actual-play” podcasts, except instead of playing D&Dor Pathfinder we’re playing the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game by Cubicle 7. Telling stories with a brand-new Doctor exploring time and space with a crew of unlikely companions, with an emphasis on great stories and, we hope, big laughs.

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Nerdy Bit Apparel

“We are a shop specializing in 8 bit bead art. Anything you can imagine we can make because we do custom commissions.

We can make your favorite characters and things from anime, video games, KPop and movies.”

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About Ronin Expo:

Our mission at Ronin-Expo is to bring together a network of those who appreciate Asian culture, from various topics ranging from anime, cosplay, video games, and fashion. Sharing our devotion for Asian culture while providing a fun and unique experience is our goal at Ronin-Expo.

The Expo will be in Little Tokyo on June 8th! We will have a panel at night, so look out for “Unnecessary Debates.”

With plenty of guests joining in from voice actors, musical guests, samurai sword fighting demonstrations, our friends over at The Corps Dance Crew, and more!

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