Batman Day falls on this week, I love animated movies, and I love Batman. So there.



Movie 92: Monday Sept 12th

Justice_League_New_Frontier_Cover_1Justice League: The New Frontier
Directed by: Dave Bullock
Starring: David Borreanaz, Miguel Ferrer, Neil Patrick Harris, Jeremy Sisto

Ok, I know, it’s not a Batman movie, but Darwyn Cooke was easily one of my favorite comic book creators. It is so sad still today that he is no longer with us. This is still on my top 3 favorite DC animated features. The cast is great, the animation is phenomenal, and the story is genius. I urge anyone who likes the DC animated films to check this one out if you haven’t done so or at least revisit it. Such a fantastic film.






Movie 93: Tues Sept 13th

batman-under-the-red-hood-movie-poster-2010-1020696292Batman Under the Red Hood
Directed by:Brandon Vietti
Starring: Bruce Greenwood, Jensen Ackles, John DiMaggio, NPH

My number 2 favorite DC animated films. Talk about action and amazing combat scenes, the animation was top notch. Jesus. It was phenomenal and Jensen Ackles is so fucking brilliant as Jason Todd. I also have to give a mad shout out to John DiMaggio’s Joker. I really dug it. A lot of people give him shit for doing a “Hamill impression,” but I thought he sounded great and had a completely different tone and inflection. Bruce Greenwood as Batman never disappoints as well.






Movie 94: Wed Sept 14th

Son-of-Batman-DVD-coverSon of Batman
Directed by: Ethan Spaulding
Starring: Jason O’Mara, Stuart Allan, Thomas Gibson, Morena Baccarin

I thoroughly enjoyed this film even though I am not a big fan of the comic counterpart. The voice casting was great, Damian was awesome, and they really did a good job showing Batman that he has to improvise with his own son. It wasn’t the best story, but the moments here and there really make it special.





Movie 95: Thurs Sept 15th
poster-31365The Batman vs. Dracula
Directed by: Michael Goguen, Seung Eun Kim, Brandon Vietti, Sam Liu
Starring: Rino Romano, Peter Stormare, Tara Strong, Tom Kenney, Kevin Michael Richardson

I actually have a soft spot for The Batman show. It did things differently and had very stylized animation. The fight scenes were smooth and slick and really well done. This movie had some interesting things, especially the last clip with The Batman and Dracula, and carried out the very gorgeous action sequences. The show was very much Batman: The Animated Series and Batman 60’s TV show smashed together. The show also did some things I like, I loved their Clayface and Riddler so much. I really do think people should check it out on Netflix.




Movie 96 Fri Sept 16th

880431-batman_supermanThe Batman Superman Movie
Directed by: Toshihiko Masuda
Starring: Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Clancy Brown

Ok, ok, so it is actually 3 episodes from The Superman Animated Series, but it was continuous and my DVD says “Movie” SO THERE! It’s cool to hear them all together and to have very witty Batman vs Superman moments. Creepy Batman with binoculars! It’s a dumb plot, but it was cool to see a more light-heartened version of what Batman v Superman could have been. It’s in the SAS box sets and in it’s own DVD if you want to check this out!





Movie 96: Sat Sept 17th

batman_mask_of_the_phantasmBatman: The Mask of Phantasm
Directed by: Eric Radomski, Bruce Timm
Starring: Kevin Conroy, Dana Delany, Hart Bochner, Stacy Keach, Abe Vigoda, Mark Hamill

The best DC animated film by far. I love this movie. I remember seeing it in theaters and everything. I can not see this movie enough. Phantasm is amazing, I always get giddy seeing her in the “Prologue” episode of Justice League Unlimited and I want more. If you don’t like this movie, you are wrong. I don’t know what else to say except, Abe Vigoda.






Movie 97: Sun Sept 18th

Batman_&_Mr._Freeze_SubZeroBatman: SubZero
Directed by: Boyd Kirkland
Starring: Kevin Conroy, Michael Ansara, Loren Lester, Mary Kay Bergman

It’s sad that this was the predecessor of Mask of Phantasm because this one is just too out there and short. It didn’t even feel like a movie. I got more joy out of watching the Batman Superman Movie more than this. Mr. Freeze is a great character and tragic and they made him too cold blooded (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh) to care. Batman and Robin figure things out way too easily as well I feel and what is with Bruce Timm starting out Batgirl strong and awesome then by the end making her a damsel in distress? But I do have to say polar bear pets are pretty awesome. I give it 9 Polar Bears/10 and 4/10.