We have a bonus episode where Grand Historians Jeff and Jeremy from D20 Adventure Realm talk to artist Ted Nasmith! We found the background back in the last episode of A Grand History Lesson, now we get to find where current art comes from!

Biography (via Ted’s website)

I was born in Goderich, Ontario, Canada in the mid nineteen-fifties. My father was an electronics technician in the Royal Canadian Air Force (as then known), stationed in nearby Clinton. My first memories, though, are from a three year stay in France, in the town Longuyon near Marveille, on the German border, where our family lived while my father was stationed there. As a young child, the memories of those times made a strong impression on me as we traveled about the nearby countries during holidays. Reinforced in later years in our slide shows, certain places stand out in particular; a trip to the famous Madurodam Miniature Park in The Hague, Holland, and one to Luxembourg’s Parc Merveilleux, a fairy tale theme-park (which I recently discovered still exists!), and on a more somber note, the great war cemetery at Verdun with its imposing mausoleum.
(via Ted’s website)

Ted’s art is absolutely phenomenal and you are able to have your own by going to his shop here!

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