Tyler and Dave TigerMan interview Allen Carter, creator of Damn Tourists, a comic series that is satirical romp! Yes, I said “romp.”


All about my hilarious all-ages satire comic book series about four clueless tourists with vacation habits so annoying, they’re superhuman!


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Carter Comics

From the website:

Who am I?

I, of course, am Allen Carter. Writer, Illustrator, promoter, freelance artist. While many people will say that they didn’t have a typical upbringing, for me it’s very true: A black man born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and not in the military— you just don’t get too many of us. Starting from age six, I started my fascination with storytelling, and at age eight, I wrote and illustrated my first comics out of legal sheets and construction paper. Today, I take my comic titles (Damn Tourists, The Figure-Of-Speech Mongoose,  Cosmic Force) and other artwork on the road each year for the ‘Comic Convention Circuit,” which for me includes the artist alleys of such shows as “Wondercon Anaheim” and “Long Beach Comic Con,” as well as smaller conventions, art festivals, podcast interviews, book signings, and more!

About page on Carter Comics website


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