Tyler (He/Him)

Role: CEO/Host/Producer/Writer/Co-Founder
Born and raised in the heart of Texas, Austin, where all the weird people live. He is nothing more than a man who channels nothing but hyperactivity and geekdom pride. He is loud, opinionated, and looking for any opportunity to entertain people. 

Lemar Harris (He/Him)

Lemar “TheConGuy” Harris is a talented comedian and entertainer. He created, developed, and staffed eight successful panels for conventions throughout the United States, including Otaku Comedy Tournament, Karaoke 101 and 102, and Improv Basics for TTGRPG Storytellers. Lemar hosts crowds of over 2,000 people. He is an active member of two podcasts, Extreme Ranking Challenge and Nerdy Point of View, and is the lead singer of Radio Go. Find Lemar on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram @LemarTheConGuy. For booking, contact him through Twitter or Instagram.


Ana Mendoza (She/Her)

Role: Co-Host

Matthew (He/Him)

Role: Co-Host

Marcella Viana

Role: Social Media/ Photographer/Graphic Designer
Hailing from Brazil, Marcella is an amazing photographer and cosplayer that has been around the con scene for 15 years! She loves video games, cosplaying, and all cartoons. Please follow her on Instagram @mvianaphotography

Sean Barba

Role: Editor-in-Chief/Host
Found on: GamerKulture
Spends free time pouring over gaming news and opinion podcasts and articles, reading DnD/Pathfinder rulebooks for the umpteenth time, and continually saying he’ll watch tv shows and anime that he probably never will. Also, owner of and blogger for GamerKulture.
Check out my other projects:  gamerkulture.com

Derek Tam

Role: Videographer / Director of Photography / Video Editor

Korina Dascoulias

Role: Social Media / Guest

Tommy Trinh

Role: Photographer
Born and raised in Westminster, California. Tommy is a huge gamer. He has been playing games ever since NES. His favorite genres of games would be RPGs and FPSs. Other hobbies beside photography and gaming would be going out to eat, aka being a foodie, fashion and thrift store shopping, interior design, playing billiards and ping pong. What do you geek out about the most? Tommy would geek out to most would be video games, movies, comics, manga, anime, and camera gear.

Julian “Tony” McGinn (He/Him)

Role: Writer
Found on: The Grand Geekery
Archive of Our Own

A “recovering microbiologist”, Tony pivoted into writing in 2016 and has never looked back. He is an avid D&D player (3.5e), Con-goer, and MCU fanboy. He loves writing reviews for movies, shows, graphic novels, and video games, even though he’s more likely to watch a playthrough on YouTube than actually pick up a controller. His guilty pleasures include cosplay, pineapple on pizza, and writing fanfiction, but he’ll never admit to that. …wait…
Check out my oft-neglected personal blog:  ialbatross.com

Jeff Aultman

Role: Writer/Co-Founder
A Renaissance nerd extraordinaire.  Jeff geeks out over practically all the fandoms that exist, most anyway if not all! Comics, movies, shows, video games, you name it. When not Warcrafting it up by day on his computer or working by night at his dreary job, he takes passion in high fantasy literature of the likes of Professor Tolkien or even George R. R. Martin and am quite the Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master and host. Also, Jeff is  quite the history and conspiracy theory enthusiast as well, but that’s best left to another conversation!



Mike Harris

Role: Writer
Horror aficionado, would-be novelist and gaming enthusiast. Mike spends his free time gaming, watching movies, playing Magic with the boys, pretending to be the next Stephen King and walking the streets of Disneyland. He also enjoys watching Japanese men dress up as bug-themed superheroes and fight bad guys in costumes on the regular.
Projects:  In Retrospect, The Pulse Top 10, Post-Mortem Reviews

Samantha (She/Her)

Samantha was born and raised on Disney and general geekery. She enjoys the visual and performing arts, reading and fashion. Samantha has proudly modeled for Hero Within (see photo above as evidence). Where ever she goes, her ‘geek’ is on her sleeve. Always be yourself, kids!

Josiah is Write

Josiah is Write

Josiah Golojuh is the author of the short story collection “Today, Tomorrow” and the upcoming novel Storm the Machine, of which Ray Bradbury said, “This man is a genius.” He’s an active member of the Producers Guild and a YouTube commentator, where he shares his geeky joys. For the Gathering, he goes old school with Retro Reviews.