Welcome to a long episode of Shukai! Kevin is joined by Antonio, Anthony, and Tyler as they discuss how to adapt manga or anime into anime or a live action movie! Also, in this episode you will hear what everyone has been up to lately what they thought about Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ and what the hell American production studios can do to make a good freaking movie!



We talk an awful amount about manga to live action or anime to live action films. Here are some trailers or scenes for you:

Fullmetal Alchemist (2017)

Death Note (2006)


Cromartie High School (2005)


Assassination Classroom (Anime)


As the Gods Will (2015)


Edge of Tomorrow (2013)


Death Note (2017)


Ghost in the Shell (2017)


Prince of Tennis (Original)


Tokyo Ghoul (2017)


Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)


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