Kevin and Tyler venture over to AkibaFest in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA, USA, Planet Earth! Find out what we thought about the brand new, annual festival! celebrating Japanese Pop culture!

Kevin and Tyler interview Joanna and Alex from Aniplex/Akibafest about the event this year and what to look forward to next year!




This year marks the first occasion of AkibaFest, and we are excited to welcome you to what we hope is the first of many celebrations together. We’re sincere when we say that this is truly “a new kind of anime fan festival,” because AkibaFest is created personally by the industry’s leading anime companies for you, the fans.

AkibaFest is our way of saying “thank you” to all the loyal fans that have supported the anime industry throughout the years. The notion of bringing “Akiba to you” stems from our core belief that anime, J-Pop, Japanese fashion and culture are alive and well in North America because of the powerful bond and passion our fans have for each of these things. We want AkibaFest, in partnership with the Little Tokyo Business community, to be an event where fans can gather together and celebrate and enjoy what you love, side by side with members of the industry.

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AkibaFest was a blast and had anime films, panels, merchandise, exclusives, a maid café, video games, game developers, demos, tons of Japanese food, music, cosplay competitions, live entertainment, and so much more!!!

We hope to see you next year in 2017!

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Aniplex of America Inc. or Aniplex USA is the U.S. distribution enterprise for Aniplex, owned by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, established in March 2005 in Santa Monica, California, to reinforce their license business in the North American international anime market.

Aniplex of America owns an online retailer called Aniplex+ and a streaming service called Aniplex Channel. Both of them are based on their website.

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