Kevin is joined by TJ, Chloe, and Tyler as they talk about their AX experiences, how much they spent, and what they want for next year!

About Anime Expo:

Anime Expo (AX) started in 1991 as “Anime Con” by the members of UC Berkeley’s anime club, Cal Animage Alpha. While AX has grown drastically over the years, the core goal has remained the same: to welcome attendees for a fun and memorable experience. Each year, Anime Expo brings together fans and industry from Japan, the US, and all over the world for the largest celebration of Japanese pop culture in North America. Anime Expo features the best in Japanese entertainment, music, fashion, and video games. Anime Expo is organized by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire the world through Japanese animation and culture.
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Mission: Betterment of safe sword combat and medieval endeavors.

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Korriban Thursdays


This is a Belegarth practice that is focused around fun and games. We meet from 6:30-10 every Thursday at Twila Ried park. If fun and games isn’t for you, try out our Wednesday practice same time same place. We hope to see you out there!

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Intro Music

Midnight Shinigami


Formed in 2010 to compete in a Battle of the Bands competition, this group of musicians combined their passion for music and anime, giving creative birth to “Midnight Shinigami”. They have been traveling to local conventions to share their favorite anime songs to the masses and have released their first album, “Kioku//Memories” in December 2017. Midnight Shinigami’s members are just as diverse as their musical influences and playing styles. From soft ballads to hard-driving metal, they’re sure to have something in their repertoire that’ll make anyone drop dead in pure aural bliss.
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Band members: Mynx Midnight (vocals), Brathzo Karanovic (guitar), Andrew Faust (bass), Allie Kutchaver (guitar), Alexey Poblete (drums), Violinist BAKA (violin) and Michelle Do (piano).

You can find out more on Midnight Shinigami on their social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr. They are also on Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Youtube!