Anyway w/ Sam and Tyler

This is a show where two friends (with many opposite opinions) come together to talk, trail off, argue, and then steer back to the subjects at hand. Sam loves Marvel, Tyler loves DC, they both love cookies. Anyway, enjoy the show!

Burn After Pitching

Everyone is creative! Listen to comic creators Andy Nordvall and Michael Tanner as they host a fun and funny podcast about pitching ideas with special guests every month!

Dom of X

Dom of X is a weekly podcast featuring Marvel’s mutants, the X-Men! Join Professor Dom Torres and comic book creator Dylan Michael Grey as they venture through the current mutant mythos while revisiting past legendary chronicles of the franchise! Brought to you by The Grand Geek Gathering Network.


Join the Indi cast of Andrea, Brandon, Dave ‘Tigerman’, Sylvia and host Maddie as they have amazing conversations with comic book creators in the ever-expanding and ever-creative independent comic book industry. From self publishers to indie powerhouses, we cover them all! Hear from writers and artists about what it takes to create your own content (and find success!) and where they get their inspiration from.

The Game of Rassilon: A Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Podcast

The Game of Rassilon is one of those “actual-play” podcasts, except instead of playing D&D or Pathfinder we’re playing the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game by Cubicle 7. Telling stories with a brand-new Doctor exploring time and space with a crew of unlikely companions, with an emphasis on great stories and, we hope, big laughs.

The Grand Geekery

A variety show that focuses on Geek Culture and features segments from in-depth interviews, commentary on pop culture news, reporting from conventions, talking anime, movies, beer, Unnecessary Debates and so much more!

Popmosis Film

Popmosis Film dares to ask the question; what happens when a screenwriter, a film critic, and a movie fan walk into a podcast? The answer is both hilarious and hot takes between three good friends with a deep passion and equally deep knowledge of film. They will examine good films, bad films, sometimes films that are virtually unwatchable, films that are utterly profound and breaks them down. Is an examination of a film and what we love or perhaps dislike about it. Really, it’s a conversation between three friends about movies.


Trope Time

Join Nikki and Izzy on the first Monday of the month as they shed light on the problematic tropes used in both geekdom and its culture. Theirgoal is to shed light on to problematic tropes used both in geekdom and its culture. Constructive criticism is not the enemy of pop culture, but rather a way for it to better serve the general public.

Unnecessary Debates

Unnecessary Debates is a panel where two teams come together to argue about things they never should have in the first place. Full of improv, fun, and audience participation as the panelists will debate unimportant questions like: Who wore it better: Gollum or Tarzan? Who is better at Karaoke: Swedish Chef or Hodor? And, which super hero would be the worst tipper at a restaurant? Come out and be unnecessary! *Unnecessary Debates will be an exclusive to our Patreon supporters*


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