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Jeff hosts conversations with comic book writers and artists, the only stipulation is that they don’t work for the big two (Marvel and DC). Hear from artists about what it takes to make it while creating your own content and where they get their inspiration from.


Copy of New Con-Tinuation Logo1CONVENTIONS! We love them, we go to them. Hear us interview artists and con-goers from all over. Some of our past interviews include Fabian Nicieza, Chris Claremont, Casper Van Dien, and Nichelle Nichols!

Shu Kai

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Our show that dedicates our love for Japanese Culture, Anime, Manga, and Music! Banzai!
Join us as we venture through the vast library of Japanese entertainment!

The Gathering

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Movies, TV, video games, or comics, if it’s geeky you can bet your ass that it’ll come up on The Gathering. This show is the home of frequent shouting, squabbles, and fandom showdowns (not always, but usually NSFW).


GamerKulture mixes the gaming personalities of Kuma (Analytical.Precise.Cuddly) Wyldkard (Ranked Leaguer.Raid Officer.One Man Team), DAsilvanator (Logical. Business. Confused) and other guests with the core of what goes into the games we all love!


GGG spotThe Grand Geek Gathering spotlights a specific topic from anywhere in the realm of geekdom.

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