Welcome… to ah er, myself. Next week I’ll be joining in the grand gathering of geeks (ah, I get it, Grand Geek Gathering), but before that, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. You’re either reading this on my blog (here) or at the Grand Geek Gathering (so if you’re on my blog, click on over and check out all the awesome they have going on).

I’m Josiah and you can most frequently (twice a week) find me on YouTube, posting about geek-like stuff. I’ve done a handful of reviews of graphic novels, including Wolverine / Punisher and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Like most good geeks I’m stuck in the past. With that, I’ll be doing a series of retro comic book reviews. First up, what some say is the greatest comic book run ever, the run that launched it all, Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s run on The Fantastic Four.

Later in life Jack Kirby, who never got the credit that Stan Lee did, became bitter… because he felt he deserved the credit for creating everything. Stan Lee will never say, “yes, we created them together,” but he’ll sort of sidestep the argument and say “if they see it that way, I’ll say co-created.” Those are paraphrases not quotes, and a backhanded paraphrase if there ever was one. For more on the men and their issues, I suggest you check out the following books, they all go into the debate and remain mostly unbiased; Marvel Comics the Untold Story and Tales to Astonish: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and the American Comic Book Revolution.

My take, they defiantly co-created, and without the other we wouldn’t have the modern comic. From their friendship, partnership, and later personal and professional tension created comics as we know them.

With all that, come back next week to start where THE MARVEL AGE OF COMICS BEGAN with The Fantastic Four number 1. This will part of an ongoing, ever-growing, series of retro reviews, from epic comic book runs to awesome television shows and more!

Josiah Golojuh is a writer once called “Stan Lee without the schmaltz” (find his collection of short stories here) and frequent YouTube commentator.