At this point, we’ve seen Sunspot flee the New Mutants and Warlock then joined him. We then meet some street toughs – some of whom are mutants, all of whom are lead by the Vanisher. Most recently we went to Monster Island (I believe it’s actually a peninsula) where Moon Boy and Devil Dino joined the crew and we’re now back in New York. What we have with issue 5 is a bit of a reset, things have settled down a bit, but everything is also different as a result of those sudden changes in the previous 4 issues, with that welcome to Fallen Angels no. 5. Oh, and the cover promises and Angel will die!

As noted above and in our previous Retro Review, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur are now with the team, and much of the comedy in this issue comes from that fact. Basically, Moon Boy talks and he talks a lot, and nobody can understand him. He’s quiet, thoughtful and articulate, but they only hear the babbling of a chimp. And not a Planet of the Apes chimps, well maybe, if you count the reboot.

Most of the team members are struggling to control their powers, from Boom Boom trying to make a small boom, makes a big one and Multiple Man who can’t control how many dupes he creates. We also get more of Boom Boom crushing on Multiple Man, and Multiple Man politely not being into it. The issue of the struggling powers adds to the drama and the tension of who might die.

Vanisher remains the leader despite gross negligence in abandoning the team when they needed him the most last issue. He’s the leader for one very simple reason, he’s the only adult in the group and kids are stupid. Vanisher sends the kids out to earn their keep, note that he doesn’t go.

One such group, Boom Boom and Gomi, whom she was stuck with when Multiple Man partnered with Siryn, run into Multiple Man. Well, they run into what is clearly a dupe. He, like the actual Multiple Man, is a bit shaky in the knees.

This is where we get more of what makes this book glorious. There are several characters you will quickly forget about after reading the book, however, they are also really well written. Even a lame character like Gomi brings something to the book because the creative team of Jo Duffy and Joe Stanton bring him so vividly to life. Multiple Man is not a lame character. He is a brilliant one and in perfect hands here. We get more insight into the psyche of a man made of many men. His dupe just wanted to go off on his own, but they physically can’t do that. It’s beautiful and sad all at once.

The issue ends on a note that could either be considered comic relief or high drama as Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy arrive. Earlier, Moon Boy realized that the rest of the gang was helping to gather resources, so he thought he and Devil Dino would also pitch in. After having done so, Devil Dino stomps on over and apparently smashed one of Gomi’s sentient cyborg lobsters.

The promise of our cover is a bit of a cheat if you ask me. Oh well, at least it wasn’t Multiple Man.

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