Before I begin, my apologies for the delay in posting this. The flu has been making its rounds in my household. I’m far from better, but at least well enough to post this. We are halfway through the most esteemed series in comic book history! Well, okay so it’s not very esteemed, it just sort of exists. We are, however, halfway through. Well, okay so we’ll be halfway through at the end as it’s issue 4 of 8. Regardless, spoilers ahead as we enjoy the hidden gem that is Fallen Angels number 4.

As you can see on the cover above we get dinosaurs! In a series that has been mostly stuck to the confined grimy back alleys of New York City, it is a welcome, albeit unexpected change. Ariel, who has the ability to create a portal through space and time really shows her power here. At the end of the last issue, she suggested everyone get some air. So here we are, a place I think is the Savage Land, but I’m not sure. The good news is that this issue makes up for the lack of action the last issue with immediate dinosaur action!

We get another great Multiple Man moment as he yells at Boom Boom to punch him. She clearly doesn’t know how his power works, so she has to be provoked, or maybe annoyed to hit him. This also sets up later tension as Boom Boom develops a bit of a crush and Siryn gets a little jealous. I’ve mentioned Peter David before, and am about to do so again. Yeah, so Peter David wrote some amazing stories with Siryn and Multiple Man as the once teenage kids are now parents. I can suddenly relate.

Bobby becomes the big hitter this issue, surprising himself and his fellow mutants with his power as he takes down a dinosaur (and more dinosaurs later in the issue). He also gets a bit sloppy and knocks himself out.

At the start of the issue amidst all the chaos, Vanisher lived up to his name and Vanisher-ed away. We now get a page of the cowardly “leader” of the wayward teens. It is comic book storytelling at its finest.

The middle of the issue is essentially about survival, and you get some nice moments of the “kids” trying to figure things out. I don’t recall the movie, but as a kid, I watched a movie about a group of kids out in the wild. The adult leader gets hurt and the kids have to get him back to civilization. That mystery film and this comic deals with the tension of young people in a situation beyond their years, but with superpowers!

I should also mention the larger group is now split up into 3 smaller groups (and a fourth group or one, the Vanisher). They are essentially all trying to find each other. Except for the Vanisher, who is only worried about himself. One group is Bobby and Chance after Bobby does in another dino we are then greeted by Devil Dino and Moon Boy. Apparently, Ariel intentionally sent the group here to find them. I thought she was lame, but that fact alone makes her awesome.

Multiple Man, who I didn’t realize is a tech whiz, creates a modified mini-Cerebro to help find the other groups. We get more of Boom Boom’s crush and it’s clear that Multiple Man doesn’t feel the same way.

In the end, we have a fantastic comic book. It has a nice pace real tension, well, as real as any comic can ever have and some truly great moments (in this case, mostly comedic ones). We find the group now all together. The group is reunited, but there are new tensions amongst them and their third-tier villain leader, The Vanisher. Okay, we’re now halfway through.

Josiah Golojuh is a writer, lived in fear of being kidnapped as a kid, despite not being particularly kidnappable (find his collection of short stories here), he’s also a YouTube commentator (where he talks a lot, geeky stuff).