Last issue ended on quite a dramatic cliffhanger as depowered Sunspot faced certain doom.

Things begin with him literally resigned to die. He’s only 14. Think about that, when I first read this I probably read his age and felt he was a grown man. Now I’m a grown man and realize he was a boy fearing his impending death.

The mysterious girl, who is Korean and named Chance seems to want to help him but then disappears (literally?) with her weirdo friend Ariel. We don’t find out, as we don’t see them again this issue, but it’s strongly implied something mutant is going on. Regardless, they bail on Sunspot. Sunspot, proving himself a true hero is content to at least have saved the girl; his death providing an Obi-Wan like distraction.

In dramatic fashion Warlock shows up and freaks out the thugs. It’s a truly great moment, mainly because it surprised me. I read issue 2 a day after reading issue 1, but I honestly forgot that Warlock also left.

Pages 6 and 7 are heavy on dialogue, but this is where the root theme is brought to light. Early X-Men, later Generation X, or whatever comic you prefer featuring younger mutants is just that, it’s about young mutants. These are kids, Sunspot is 14! That is weird enough, imagine going through puberty with mutant powers. Sure it sounds awesome, but in reality, it’s a terrible burden. No 14 year old is ready for that, but that’s the hand they’ve been dealt.

As Sunspot and Warlock walk around New York we are reminded of Sunspot’s deep love of Magnum PI.

After a hungry Warlock consumes the life-glow from trash, he encourages an equally hungry Sunspot to steal. The logic being, if you’re destined to be a villain, be a villain. A little B&E later, we find our protagonist in a church. How he didn’t notice it was a church before he ripped the door off is beyond me, but the moment inside is nonetheless profound. Sunspot stares down a cross and into his own soul.

Siryn and Multiple Man look for Sunspot at a train station. Mutants spend more time at train and bus stations than any other comic characters. Multiple Man multiplies to find a needle in a haystack and sends himself out over the city. It’s a cool use of his powers and you get great insight into a highly underrated X-Character.

We also meet a strange boy with glasses named Gomi. Gomi talks to lobsters, or crabs, or something, named Bill and Don. I can only assume he’s one of our Fallen Angels, but the “team” still isn’t assembled, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Gomi, Sunspot and whoever else is around happens to run into the Vanisher! So it wasn’t just random when Magneto remembered his original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and mentioned the Vanisher (because no one ever mentions the Vanisher).

The Vanisher confronts Sunspot, but Siryn finally finds him. She flies over and creates a distraction. Sunspot and company run into a restaurant and like Chance and Ariel earlier, disappear. It’s not quite as dramatic of a hook as the end of issue 1, but it’s still pretty effective. Come back next week and I think the Fallen Angels will finally all get together.

Josiah Golojuh is a writer, who is an old New Mutant (find his collection of short stories here), he’s also a YouTube commentator (where he talks a lot, sometimes about Mutants).