Tyler and Jeff get distracted with Raised on Ritalin! ADHD finally gets into Jeff’s head and he understands Tyler on a whole new level!

Jeff reads Tyler Page’s amazing physical copy and Tyler gets half-way (hey, it’s hard to read things with ADHD) and they give you their thoughts on the book!


Raised on Ritalin synopsis:

Raised on Ritalin: A Personal Story of ADHD, Medication, and Modern Psychiatry is my story of being diagnosed with ADD and treated with Ritalin, and all the ways that has impacted my life. It is also the story of ADD/ADHD itself – the origins and development of the diagnosis and its treatments including drugs like Ritalin and Adderall, as well as its biological and sociological underpinnings, and even the history of modern psychiatry in general.

Via: Tyler Page (Kickstarter).

Tyler was able to help fund the physical copy on Kickstarter and received it last week! It is an absolutely fantastic print that he highly suggest you to check out!

To buy a physical copy check out here!


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