Quick recap of AX 2017!

Hey there.  It’s your Shukai host, Kevin.  Let me tell you right now that I am a simple man with simple needs.  All I wanted from AX 2017 was for it to be a chill year.  That was all I got.  Chill~~.  Nothing I was too excited for.  Nothing crazy to go after.  Just walking through the con with little to no trouble.

“But aren’t you supposed to want to have fun and party during AX?”

WELL LET ME TELL YOU A STORY HERE KIDDO.  Well, maybe it’s not so much of a story because….I don’t remember most of it from the top of my head.  I had to rely from past AX archives of schedules and news to faintly remember what I did… Now last year was pretty fun, but honestly, there was so much to do last year that I guess I ended up forgetting what I did half the time.  All I remember was sleeping in the streets and lining up for autographs.  Yes, you read that right.  I was a hobo throughout the con.  A clean, hobo at least.


(I promise you all I showered each time I slept in the streets)  Fighting against sleep deprivation and a tight schedule on meeting celebrities, I wasn’t about to truly experience Anime Expo in its entirety.  As such, many of the awesome memories I had went into short term in order for my body to recover.

With that said, I think it’s safe to say that I did a lot more than just line up for autographs (I got Fate/ Grand Order staff’s and Kawasumi Ayako’s signature).  Premiering a complete first look to various titles was definitely a theme for AX 2017.  As such, I’ve had the pleasure to watch Violet Evergarden and Ancient Magus’ Bride before its television airing date in its glorious home country.  Both titles show a clear direction of character development or growth of some sort and every other aspect, supporting characters, interactions, background art, and music all compliments this.

Violet Evergarden is Kyoto Animation’s (KyoAni) newest additions to their anime resume that’s guaranteed to pull heartstrings with stunning visuals.  This is my 2nd KyoAni work to see a heavy story element to it (the first was Kyoukai no Kanata as it introduces KyoAni’s attempt to create an action anime with their stunning visuals).  The world premiere of Violet Evergarden also included a live performance of “Sincerely” by TRUE, the amazing voice talent of songs from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blood Orphans, Sound Euphonium and much more.

Overall I find Violet Evergarden to be an anime that’s interesting enough to grab the audience’s attention.  It leaves enough lore, history of the main character, Violet Evergarden, to care for her and sincerely watch her achieve her goals.  I expected this kind of animation style from KyoAni as the director Taichi Ishidate-san is quite experienced in other KyoAni works such as Kyoukai no Kanata, K-On!, and only other KyoAni work’s.  I’m not too worried about the direction of Violet Evergarden.  I think it’ll draw a lot of attention from the audience and KyoAni fans worldwide.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome, Ancient Magus’ Bride, is Wit Studio’s next big project right after Shinjeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 2 just ended.  Most of the animators basically died animating Attack on Titan and I guess they’re just zombies at this point, animating Ancient Magus’ Bride.  These are the words from the director, Norihiro Nagamura-san himself.  And I’d have to agree and be amazed by the high quality Ancient Magus’ Bride put out.

My review and reactions to Ancient Magus’ Bride are going to be too biased to keep up this formality.  Let me put it a couple relatively short phrases so I don’t write up an extensively long article:  I loved it better than Violet Evergarden.  It had everything that I’m a sucker for: world building, outstanding and unique soundtrack, and character development/ growth.  With all of those combined into one anime, there’s no way I wouldn’t fall in love with Ancient Magus’ Bride.

The term “Linecon” was being thrown around as a joke during the event and with those two premieres that I’ve witnessed myself from the good seats, it was definitely true.  As an AX veteran, I didn’t have too much annoyance with this issue.  I had my own ways to pass time (i.e. naps and constantly playing Fate/Grand Order both JPN and ENG servers).

If you’re looking for a scale or grade, I’d give this AX 8/10 or a solid B-.  The reason being is there were minor schedule clashes where I had to sacrifice intended panels for something else (I’m so sorry Tony Swatton).  However, I did have many pleasant surprises that I enjoyed such as the franchises that I’m into (Persona 5, RWBY and the Fate franchise).  More time to myself to explore Artist Alley, and the Exhibitor’s Hall was a nice mental break from all the excitement I had in most panels.  It allows more clarity and hype buildup for the next big scheduled event.

Now that AX was over and with AX growing bigger and bigger, I just hoping we can have more of my favorite music artists, anime directors, and much more to make an appearance next year.  If anything, I’d like for some sort of theme going on, or like the biggest thing of the year to centralize the expo.

For those of you reading this, here’s the tl;dr version of it all: I got to do a lot of stuff and remember it all.  Also no problems for me = nothing to badmouth my experience there.

This is my first article that’s running through the waters, trying to feel for what kind of readers I’d be attracting.  If this casual tone with a little bit of expertise of the subject is something you are looking for, I’ll gladly do some more.  If not, leave a comment below and tell me what kind of content you’re into.  I can be serious and formal if I wanted to.




Just let me know.