Happy Infinity War opening weekend, everyone! Are you a parent who has a child that wants to see the movie and does not know a lot about Marvel comics or the cinematic universe? Have a seat because we need to talk. 

Marvel movies are a popular outing for families. I get it. I was 10 when I fell in love with the superhero genre. As someone who has been with the Marvel franchise for as long as I have, there’s something different about Infinity War and it’s nothing the other movies can prepare you for. For that reason, I’m going to try to keep to this guide as spoiler free as I can but you need to know what’s up before taking your child. It took us 10 years of story to get to this point, everything’s at stake.

It’s PG-13 for a reason. Please take that rating seriously. But they survived Deadpool and that was R! Listen, THIS IS NOT DEADPOOL. There’s your typical comedy and action but there’s also torture and death. Thanos is set on getting those stones and he won’t have anybody stand in his way.

Who is Thanos? He’s an Eternal from the planet Titan. You can read more about him here. HE IS VERY POWERFUL and Josh Brolin’s performance is phenomenal.

What are the Infinity Stones? Here’s a helpful infographic. Click here for the original post. Put them all together and you’ll find yourself at the end of the world/danger zone with a snap of a finger.

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Superheroes are important characters for a lot of children. If your child has a particular attachment to a certain character, we highly recommend that you watch it first before taking them to this movie. I was at the opening night fan event at my theater on Thursday. You could hear a pin drop during certain sections. Our theater was full of adults and maybe some senior high schoolers. You could hear people crying and gasping due to shock/disbelief. If you love these characters, prepare yourself to go through an emotional rollercoaster ride. Be prepared to have an emotional support talk with your child.

Remember how we got closure at the end of Harry Potter and the Deatlhy Hallows Part 2? Well, we don’t have closure at the end of IW because we still have to wait Avengers 4. That’s Part 2. I didn’t write this post to scare you but I didn’t want you to come ill prepared either. It’s a wonderful movie and shouldn’t be missed but it comes with a price. If you think your child might be too young for this movie, we suggest waiting for them to get a bit older or wait until A4 comes out so you can watch them back-to-back together.

OH! Don’t forget to stay until the very end for the post-credit scene. You’ll want to see it.

It’s ultimately up to you what route you decide to go but we figured giving you a quick low down wasn’t a bad idea.

This is one of my favorite fan tributes. It’s also a great crash course just in case if you don’t have time to marathon everything. Enjoy!