The great Whovians Renee, Amanda, and Andy travel after fighting off spiders to talk about this creepy crawly adventure!

Arachnids in the UK
Episode 4 of 10

Arriving back home in Sheffield, the Doctor and her friends discover massive spiders are attacking the population. They enlist the help of a local scientist, Jade, who helps them track the source of the spiders to a hotel where Yaz’s mother works. The group confronts the hotel owner and American politician, Robertson, who reveals that there is a chemical dump under the hotel. This infected the spiders, causing them to grow to unusual size. The group successfully traps most of the spiders in a bomb shelter, but the mother, the largest spider, is already dying due to her abnormal size. The Doctor wishes to spare it and let it die peacefully, but Robertson shoots and kills it despite her protests. Later, Graham reveals he’s not ready to go back to the apartment he and Grace shared, and he, Yaz, and Ryan inform the Doctor they wish to keep traveling as the group sets off on their next adventure.

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Meet the Grand Whovians:

Host:  Andy Nordvall

Andy Nordvall graduated with high honors from Wesleyan University, where his short fiction won a prestigious Olin Fellowship. He was also the lead singer and lyricist for the Viking band Nördvall, which featured exploding car parts and songs such as “Valkyrie Love Slave,” “No Sleep ‘Till Reykjavik” and “Dead Viking Mama.” After college, Mr. Nordvall worked as a music journalist and movie critic for FLAGPOLE MAGAZINE. Then worked as a actor, voice actor and travel writer in Chengdu and Taiwan. Upon returning to America, Mr. Nordvall completed UCLA’s MFA Screenwriting program, where he won a Professional Program Screenwriting Award, UCLA Showcase, a Screenwriting Expo Award for Best Fantasy Script, 3 Carl Sautter awards (for feature, TV drama, and sitcom), and was a finalist in the Humanitas, Industry Insider, and Slamdance Pilot Competition. Mr. Nordvall writes the weekly webcomic MY ROOMMATE, THE INTERNET, which Reddit has called “sorta funny, I guess,” and published the fantasy novella SIREN’S SONG about a pirate cabin boy who befriends a siren.

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