Paul and Tyler hold the reigns on this episode where we have a very special guest, Matt Jackson! Matt happens to be the awesome director of this film where Paul and Tyler discuss their thoughts and ask all their burning questions! Matt is an absolute delight and full of comedy. This episode is fun for sure!

Love in the Time of Monsters


Love in the Time of Monsters is a suspenseful, campy, hilarious horror film that weaves an outrageous tale of love and Zombie Bigfoots through the dark woods of Northern California. Two sisters, Carla and Marla, travel to a cheesy tourist trap for a weekend getaway only to arrive in time to battle toxic monsters dressed in Bigfoot costumes! Determined to save their loved ones they must become heroes…but what happens when the real Bigfoot arrives?

Directed by: Matt Jackson
Produced by: Andy Gunn
Written by: Michael Skvarla

Gena Shaw
Marissa Skell
Danny Vasquez
Doug Jones
Kane Hodder
Mike McShane
Shawn Weatherly
Heather Rae Young

Cinematography by: Jorge L. Urbina
Edited by:
Todd Zelin
Release date
February 17, 2015
Running time 97 minutes

You can watch Love in the Time of Monsters on YouTube for $1.99, Amazon, Vudu, and also on iTunes and Google Play!