Originally Posted Nov 12, 2015

Wow everyone, who else watched that amazing Nintendo Direct presentation? So many additions to existing games, along with a slew of new games and surprising announcements. While I could list everything they announced, which would be both boring and take up more space than I know you all want to read. I’ve picked my favorites and what I felt were the big highlights.

Right of the bat we were shown an HD remake of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the WiiU. Coming on March 4, 2016, it includes a Wolf Link Amibo (with Midna astride his back of course), and looks like the beautiful game we all remember (although, more so I guess with the whole HD thing). Plus, we also got a few seconds of the gorgeous looking new Zelda game coming, hopefully, next year. The other bit of Zelda news we got was an update to Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS, which includes a female Link-like character (seriously, her name is Linkle) who dual wields crossbows, dishing out bolts and kicks to hundreds of foes. Also included in the DLC are Tetra, Toon Link and the King of Hyrule from The Wind Waker, all coming out on March 25, 2016.

Next up, Pokemon time! Pokemon Picross, a puzzle ‘free to start’ game, as well as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon are coming to 3DS, with the latter boasting that it will contain all 700+ Pokemon to battle against and alongside. Pokken Tournament will be coming as well, with Dark Mewtwo available either through a special deal or through unlocking it via certain in game conditions. Lastly we were hit with a blast of nostalgia when Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow were announced as being available for digital download on February 27th, 2016. So it’s time to dust off that old hat, laugh at our now useless link cables, and return to Kanto!

We were show footage of the new Star Fox Zero for the WiiU, coming April 22nd, 2016. In it, we see the Fox, Falco, Slippy and Peppy blasting their way through enemies, as the Arwing dropped to the ground in a new walker mode, and the Landmaster took to they sky as the Gravmaster. We also saw a new vehicle, the Gyrowing, which houses a small robot for hacking computers and getting into tight areas.

We saw a handful of Indie titles coming to Nintendo’s lineup, including Terraria, Kerbal Space Program, and Mighty Number 9. Mario is making himself known with a new Mario Tennis title as well as a new addition to the Paper Mario franchise. Fire Emblem Fates showed us its two versions (Birthright and Conquest), whose stories are the same but told from differing sides. Each FE game with be $40 USD, but will reduce the price of the other if digitally downloaded.

*man squee*

Last up, and the announcement that had me glued to my seat, completely forgetting to tweet my comments or post updates on Facebook, was the new character announcement for Super Smash Bros. Perhaps we should have seen this coming, with Nintendo having Final Fantasy Explorers coming to its console. Ladies and gents, the new challenger to approach is none other than Final Fantasy 7 protagonist, Cloud Strife! With Buster Sword in hand and either his classic or Advent Children outfit, they showed off his various attacks, specifically his Limit Break, Omnislash, usable after breaking the Smash Ball. He brings with him a new stage, a rundown industrial platform with the Mako factory looming in the background. Periodically, it appears that Summons from the game attack the stage. Odin, Leviathan, Ifrit and even Bahamut himself made appearances to blast fighters with lightning, fire and plasma. I’ve never been so glued to my screen. No news yet on release dates or any sort of Cloud Amiibo.

Like I said, guys, there are so many other games coming down the 2016 pipeline. Xenoblade Chronicles X, Dragon Quest 7, Lego Marvel’s Avengers, more indie titles…I could go on and on! Nintendo is going to have one hell of a year in 2016, and I can not wait to ride that hype train! So what did you all think of this Direct? Did I skip title important to you? Were you as excited as we are for Cloud fighting Mario?

Stay Kultured, everyone!