Welcome to a mighty episode of music, gaming, and competition! We rank the best and worst of video game soundtracks with our guest Captain Falco!

Captain Falco

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Lemar Harris

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Marcelous Sammuel

LycanNerdtv is a glimpse inside the mind of Comedian, Writer, Actor and Father Marcelous Sammuel. Raised in South Central by his grandparents, Marcelous is a proud Father, Husband and NERD! Now living in Monterey Park with his wife and in-laws, Marcelous embarks on a long dreamed career in comedy. With a passion for anime, comic-books, martial arts, cartoons, cars, and technology, Marcelous uses his unique outlook on reality to show viewers his perspective on everything. Featuring Reviews, Top 5, Stand-up Comedy, and Sketch Comedy. Sponsored by Co Kreeate 3D Printing Service in Alhambra, and Pasadena Comic Factory.

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Matthew Johnson

“We are a shop specializing in 8 bit bead art. Anything you can imagine we can make because we do custom commissions. We can make your favorite characters and things from anime, video games, KPop and movies.”

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