This is a tough one! Ben Paddon (The Game of Rassilon) and Samantha Salazaar (Anyway w/ Sam and Tyler) join Marcelous, Matthew, and Tyler to rank the MCU characters… Get ready for a bumpy ride!

Marcelous Sammuel

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Matthew Johnson

“We are a shop specializing in 8 bit bead art. Anything you can imagine we can make because we do custom commissions. We can make your favorite characters and things from anime, video games, KPop and movies.”

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Samantha (BettieGeek)

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Ben Paddon

Ben Paddon is a British-born writer, actor and geek humorist currently living in Los Angeles. They were born the same day Chernobyl exploded, although they maintain they have an airtight alibi. They’re the creator, Director, co-Writer and Host of PortsCenter, a webseries which looks at unique and interesting ports of video games, and they’realso the GM for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game actual-play podcast, The Game of Rassilon.

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Top 10

 1. Stan Lee (Kinda)
2. Captain America
3. Thanos
4. Nick Fury
5. Black Panther
6. Killmonger

7. Rocket Racoon
8. Black Widow
9. Falcon
10. Guy from Captain America’s support group who wanted to go on a date and cried

Bottom Five

5.  Crossbones
4. Ego

3. Captain Marvel
2. Spider-Man
1. Onlookers at the end of GOTG where they stood by and watched Star Lord challenge Ronan the Accuser at a dance-off