Mushroom Kingdom, here we come! Most Exquisite is back and ready to bust up Goombas! We try the infamous Mushroom Cake from Paper Mario 64! Find out what we thought!

Huge thanks to Lvl. 1 Chef for some of their amazing recipes! Try them out

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Edited by: Tyler McPhail
Videography: Derek Tam (Tammohawk Productions)
Cook/Producer: Marcella Viana
Music by: Estevam Prudencio
Original Art by: Art of Mazzy

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0:00-01:17 Intro
1:18-3:21 Eating the Cake
3:22-5:05 Acceptance
5:05-5:56 Outro

We haven’t gone to Nintendo World at Universal Studios yet, but hopefully soon! Hope you are enjoying Super Smash Bros Ultimate!

We Try and Rank Super Mario Brothers World Food | Most Exquisite Ranking Challenge
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