So let’s start with the fact that maid cafes are a thing. Yeah…who knew, right?

Okay, so apparently a lot of people knew- just not me. Maid cafes are a piece of Japanese culture where young women dressed in stereotypical maid uniforms serve you food and provide light-hearted and innocent entertainment (it’s not a sex thing!). Buzzfeed has a decent encounter with an actual maid cafe in Japan. Anyway, that’s probably not why you clicked on this post so I’ll get to the good stuff quickly. They had a maid cafe at TitanCon where the maids serve you food, sing, dance, and play games with you. Oh, and they also punish you when you lose those games. Clearly I had to screw with Tyler. It turned out that some of the team running the maid cafe were friends of Tyler (you can see some of them in our ALA video) and were totally willing to help me make Tyler’s life a little miserable.

So I got them to set up Tyler in the middle of the dance floor at his own private table and had four adorable maids in bunny ears bring him a delicious piece of onigiri…that was fucking LOADED with wasabi. Seriously. Like, uncontrollably-shit-your-pants-loaded. I felt a little guilty. Okay, not really. I’m an asshole after all. For the record though, Tyler was onboard from the beginning even if he didn’t know exactly what I was going to put him through. So we line up these pretty women to bear witness to the horrific and inevitable event that was about to unfold (all the other maids stopped to watch, the sadists). Tyler, knowing that something was up, dives into this piece of onigiri as if he were an alligator ripping into a careless chicken. It’s then that his shame begins.

Watch the video for all the wonderfulness. It’s got everything you could want: women in maid outfits, flower petal showers, a crap ton of wasabi, and Tyler barfing because of it. Don’t worry, it isn’t exorcist-level barf or even George Sr level, but it still happens.

I also would like to point out how strangely happy it makes me to put the word ‘barf’ into a title. Really, I’m kinda stupid happy. Uncomfortably happy almost…almost…Okay…I’m gonna…gonna go work some stuff out.

Cast and Crew:

Camera Operator, Haley Matsumoto

Editor and Producer, Eric Durham

Producer, Tyler McPhail