Welcome back to Convention Season 2017! That means it’s time to sacrifice sleep (pssh who sleeps anymore?) and nutrition as we’re off to the races! Er…Conventions!

We may have already technically kicked off our con season earlier with Comic Excitement 2017, and then there was also Anime LA, but now we’re at Long Beach Comic Expo! We’ve had a blast at this convention and the associated Long Beach Comic Con in the fall in years past so we were excited to go back and do it again. We managed to talk to a ton of people (including Jason Momoa! Kinda) and secure some great guests for upcoming episodes of The Gathering¬†and IndiComix. So far we’re having a blast in 2017 and are so excited to get to continue to bring you content we’re proud of, but more than that we’re excited to get to talk to so many fantastic geeks. Welcome to the gathering everyone.

That’s enough praise for a little bit. Have some cosplay:

Thanks to everyone that’s featured in this video, I hope you had as much fun as we did and we’ll see you at the next con.


Shout out to:

Scarlett Sparrow, HarleyQuinnology, Axceleration Cosplay, Hannah Keely Cosplay, The Library Bards, SLC Green Arrow, Alicia Marie, Geek Chic Promotions, the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, and everyone else.


Cast and Crew:

Camera Operator, Haley Matsumoto

Editor and Producer, Eric Durham

Producer, Tyler McPhail