Welcome to the CON-Tinuation where we interview con-goers and guests while also giving you our opinions of the event! This year Jeff, Wyldkard, and Tyler go to Long Beach, California for Long Beach Comic Con! Tyler runs around asking “What is the worst comic book movie adaptation ever?” and interviews Susan Lee about her experiences at the convention!





While we have been going to Long Beach Comic Con and Comic Expo every year since we began, this year was definitely the most different. This year they utilized the other side of the convention center, scrambled the showroom floor from the normal layout, and had policies for cosplayers. This was definitely a year for LBCC to learn not to change things up too much too fast.

The best part of a con is to meet creators or entertainers, hang out with friends you don’t see often, find new geeky things, learn things or be entertained by panels, and buy stuff. At this con, we didn’t really seem to feel like doing anything but see friends and buy some stuff from artist alley. It’s quite a shock that the con was this disjointed, like Jeff and I talk about above, and I hope it finds it’s identity come February. I just want to say that I hope Comic Expo is 100 times better.

For more information on Long Beach Comic Con check their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Long Beach Comic Expo will be February 17 & 18 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center. More info here!


Photo from Susan’s Facebook page

Susan Lee is a comic book creator, a fine artist and a director. She has been a writer since she could use the alphabet, writing poetry no one will ever read, and volumes and volumes of prose hidden in numerous notebooks throughout her various living spaces. Her graphic novel, “Wraith of Love”, is a three part series that was inspired by the works of Frank Miller and Jim Steranko. Her novel, “Shadow of the Knight” has been called “a rollercoaster of a ride”, “one of the loveliest pieces of psychological suspense I’ve ever read” and “a thing of stark beauty”. Never one to be still, Susan has also been a theater director for most of her adult life, as well as a filmmaker, specializing in short films. She lives to create. And to hang out with her weirdo cat, Indiana Jones, because every creative needs to have their familiar and he is hers. Her recent project is the indie film “Wraith of Love”. Follow the adventures at www.wraithoflove.com. Also contribute to the production budget at igg.me/at/wraithoflove .

Susan has her website where you can find more information on her art, con schedule, and classes. She also is on Twitter and Facebook!

When you go to a convention please look out for the “Women on the Dark Side” panel with Susan, our friend Barbra from Fanbase Press, Madeleine Holly-Rosing, and more. It’s a fantastic panel!

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Our next con will be Nerdbot Con in Pasadena! See you there!!!