Knights of the Old Republic is arguably one of Bioware’s most beloved older franchises. Taking on the role of characters from an era even longer, longer ago in that galaxy far, far away, we got to see events take place over a thousand of years before a villain of the highest pedigree darkened the skies of millions of worlds.

Naturally I’m speaking about Jar-Jar.

Now, we have rumors leaking about a possible reboot of KOTOR. There have been whispers of a Knights of the Old Republic game in the works popping up for a while now, and Bioware Austin is now exclusively working on Star Wars games, currently being the team handling the MMO. A great deal of information can be found in this video from Rooster Teeth’s news show, The Know:

Now to the fun part, my opinions! *crickets*

SWTOR should have been the next KOTOR. A great deal of excellent story lines were locked up in that game, lost to the sub par story telling methods inherent to MMOs. More recently, the story of the Emporer as we have known him in the MMO being merely a passing distraction, a shell of the real emperor while he focused on his true empire, was hands down one of the best stories they’ve told in that game, and it was wasted there. Now, seeing that KOTOR might be returning gives hope to many older characters, *cough* Revan *cough* returning to official canon. Disney wiped the initial slate clean of old Star Wars lore, but the chance to reboot the series in that era opens many avenues for reintroducing plots, characters and events that would otherwise have been lost to the Legends label.

What do you think, Gamers? Would you be excited to see KOTOR return? Or is this more dead horse beating? Leave your comments below!

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