This is the one we were waiting for folks! Since last E3, we’ve been waiting a month for whatever big news was hinted at. Today at D23, we finally got our surprise that we’ve all been waiting for…a (sort of) release time!….

….Ok, so its more of a ballpark. The latest trailer ends with a ‘Coming 2018’, giving us a good 365 potential days to work with (my guess? December 31st). We also, however, got treated to a very in-depth look at a new world we’ll be visiting! I’ll let you watch and see for yourself real quick.

You saw that right, Toy Story! The video starts with some more action around Olympus, as well as combat against a large, bulky armored Heartless. Our next jump takes us into a Pixar world! Looking almost Lego-like in their blockiness, Sora, Donald, and Goofy land themselves in Andy’s room just in time to fend off a small incursion of Heartless. While the video is unsubtitled and all in Japanese, it’s not too difficult to figure out what’s going on. The gang meet Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm, and the toy soldiers, who seem to inquire what those things were. After some discussion, the team heads outside, first fighting Nocturnes in the room before Sora comet dives off and slams into another group that spawns on the driveway. With not only his usual allies, but Woody AND Buzz in his party, we see only glimpses of their fighting styles as Sora zips around the battlefield. They quickly show up Sora forming a hammer out of toys, dealing powerful AOE attacks, before turning the hammer into a drill, dealing strong damage to single targets.

The scene jumps to a toy store, where the gang rushes forward towards enemy (toy) mechs. As Sora damages them, he’s able to jump inside one for a short while, punching, dashing, shooting, jumping, and bombing the store aisles before being ejected. We next see Sora clashing with an Organization 13 member, the long time antagonists of the series. The person’s darker skin and white hair seem to indicate it being Xemnas, though it could easily be another entity as the character’s build seems thinner and the voice not as deep.

So far, we’ve seen only a handful of world to visit. Toy Story is the newest addition, with Olympus, Twilight Town, Rapunzel’s world, and San Fransokyo of Big Hero 6, along with I’m sure at least one new original world. I’m sure there will be plenty more in store for us when the game FINALLY launches next year, and this long time fan couldn’t be more excited.

Well…I COULD, but that would require a lightsaber keyblade.

Stay Kultured, Gamers!