Hey Gamers! Kuma here, and I’d like to have a quick chat with all of you. That’s it, set yourself down right there, can I get you anything? Tea, coffee, alcohol laced espresso-WHOOPS, that’s Tyler’s, sorry. Anyhow, let’s get down to what GamerKulture is up to, and what to expect from the team coming up this month!


Honestly, you could trip over one of these and find the network

To get the easy one out of the way, we are going to start making our content even EASIER to find! In case you don’t follow us on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube (and why AREN’T you, may I ask?) you’ll be able to find our videos here as well! Whenever a new one goes up, we’ll make an accompanying article so you always have a convenient place to one stop shop all of your GGG needs! Keep an eye out for our let’s plays, gaming culture videos, articles and the GamerKulture Show right here!

“What’s that?”, I hear you say, “What’s the GK Show? Don’t you have a podcast already?.” Well, sort of. Unfortunately, we’re not as popular right now as you might suspect (I know, I’m just as shocked as you). And if people don’t know us very well, they’re less inclined to watch or listen to a longer form podcast or video-cast. As such, the podcast, mostly in name, will be going on hiatus for a while. Don’t worry though, as the team will be instead producing a new short form project called the GamerKulture Show! This new form will focus more on a single topic, and the shorter episode, averaging around 30 minutes, will keep the conversation focused and moving! This will serve as being much more inviting for newer viewers, as well as help with time commitments, and even make it more attractive to any guests we may invite on! We hope you continue to watch and support the Show as you did the Podcast, since you’ll still get our lovely faces and debates!

Lastly, I’ve challenged the team of GamerKulture to something I’ve dubbed Indiecember! Everyone must produce a minimum of one video or article related to Indie gaming this month, in whatever capacity they see fit! Whether it’s a culture video exploring what indie games have done for recent gaming sales, an article on top indie games for the holidays, or a game play exploration of someone’s new favorite title, expect to see a celebration of Indie games and devs this month!

That’s it for now folks! Remember to always check back, for both your GamerKulture needs, as well as the PLETHORA of other offerings from the Grand Geek Gathering (go watch Drink n’ Dragons, I help with those sometimes)!

Stay Kultured, Gamers!