My love affair with musicals started when I took my first tap class in kindergarten. Even though I don’t perform anymore, I have become a huge advocate for the performing arts and arts education. I love seeing shows whenever I have the chance. I am that friend who has soundtracks on loop and won’t hesitate to blast them in the car with the windows down. In this series, I’m going to give you a musical recommendation every month.

This month’s focus is going to be the Once On This Island revival.

Even if you can’t see a show in person, you can still learn a lot about it by its soundtrack. This is the 1990 Original Cast Recording (OCR).

One of the reasons why this is my December pick is because this show is primarily about family, love, and hope. That’s what the holidays are about to me. Picking a show like Holiday Inn or White Christmas would have been too easy (even though they’re great shows). If you watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you saw the new cast perform their version of “Why We Tell The Story”.

The show circles around a peasant girl named Ti Moune. The island that she lives on was destroyed by a terrible storm. After being saved by the gods as a child, she was found by her adopted parents and grew up on the poor side of the island. Several years later, her life changes when she rescues and falls in love with a boy from the wealthy side from a fatal car accident. Despite the fact that their worlds keep them apart, she is determined to reunite with him. She doesn’t want to give up.

‘Once’ is one of those shows that we need right now. It tackles heavy subjects like coming of age, sacrifice, socioeconomic status, and interracial romance but the creative team manages to weave it all together beautifully. I hope you’ll fall in love with this show just as much as I have.

It has been 27 years since it has had a presence on Broadway. Welcome back.

Kathryn’s Top 4 Favorite Songs: 

  • Waiting for Life
  • Pray
  • Mama Will Provide
  • Why We Tell the Story

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Once On This Island’s opening night is scheduled for Sunday, December 3, 2017, at the Circle In The Square Theatre. Break a leg, everyone!

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