Fall is upon us, Gatherers!  In many spots we see the leaves turning amber and orange while some of us (me!) unfortunately still languish in dimming summer-like sun and breeze.  I know the temperature is cooling down, and to keep me occupied till then I always find a wide selection of independent label comics to read.  But I would be far too selfish a soul to just keep these selections to myself.  Let us see what’s available for your reading desires this week, friends!

STL053582Adventure Finders #1
Writer(s): Rod Espinosa
Artist(s): Rod Espinosa
Cover Artist(s) Rod Espinosa
Publisher: Antarctic

Synopsis: “Fantasy master Rod Espinosa weaves an action-paled story of a small-town girl and her friends who want to make it big as renowned fighters!  Clariette: part Barbie, part Xena, and all heart, out to make the world a better place.  Ariarra: Pragmatic wandering cleric and healer, fiercely independent.  Jolfe Endarion: Clari’s cousin, an apprentice wizard with a love of adventure and good food.  Together they set out in an age of constant warfare, across a world ruled by a monolithic empire, to battle enemies and monsters, make allies, save people in trouble, and find adventure, starting here in this gorgeous, epic, double-sized first issue!”


High fantasy literature speaks to all of us as readers who have a fondness for an epic story.  It has a way of making us turn back the layers of everyday life and imagine ourselves fighting the good fight.  If such a story intrigues you coupled with a group of females who want to be all out-adventurers, then this book is for you! Huzzah!

Digital purchase for this is available through and  Hardcopy purchase is available at your LCS!

STL053578Arya #1
Writer(s): Sofia Davila, Minjun Chen
Artist(s): Sofia Davila, Minjun Chen
Cover Artist(s): Sofia Davila, Minjun Chen
Publisher: Antarctic

Synopsis: “Antarctic Press proudly presents a shining showcase of new, strong female talent, with something unique and wonderful in every issue!  On her way to get groceries, Anais is magically transported to a very strange world, where the only way home is to find the items on her shopping list.  Meanwhile, Emi discovers new classmate Helen shares her passion for the handheld game Adventure Quest XXI, so they form a party-both for real and in the game-questing together in the name of teamwork, friendship, and XP!”


Lots of female talent to be had and plenty of adventures for them along the way.  Then again, how does one fare when they are thrown into a world where the only way to get home is by finishing a shopping list?  Of course then there is a heartwarming tale for those who enjoy teamwork and friendship with Emi and Helen finding it in their mutual love of videogames.  Let the fun begin!

Digital purchase for this is available through and  Hardcopy purchase is available at your LCS!

Girl power for the last week of September, folks!  Female adventurers in high fantasy tales mixed with the power of friendship between other females and their love of video games and grocery-shopping!  These gems are what await you when you look for an alternative comic to read in the world of independent labels and are what you’ll get at the mere click of a button on your phone or tablet.  I’ll challenge you to go the next step though and to support your local comic shop by buying the hardcopy issues.  Read them and share with your friends.  Start up a conversation and leave a comment or two.  But most importantly Gatherers, remember…GGG!