Happy week three of October, Gatherers!  One thing that has always amazed me about this month, as well as Fall in general, is the outpouring of new indie comics material present.  Sure, every month I give you a good dosage of what to look for but it seems October often takes the cake when looking at new comics to read!  That being said, lets get to the picks and see what I can suggest to you guys and gals!

My first pick goes to KISS #1, written by Amy Chu, and drawn by Kewber Baal.  And I…oooooh I’m gonna rock and roll all night! And party everyday…no seriously, I really will.  Oh how sweet it is that the band is back and must help four young friends in an entirely dark and foreboding future that offers no promise.  But really dudes, if the fact that it’s KISS that doesn’t attract you to this book, then maybe it can be one of the several variant covers that will be coming out for the title! Rock on guys!  Available from http://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/.


“KISS is back! Back to the FUTURE in this dark sci-fi adventure. In a world without sun and a world without heroes, four young friends embark on a dangerous mission – to uncover the truth about the mysterious Council of Elders and their underground home, the city of Blackwell. But first they need some help from the past…” 

Via: Comixology and PREVIEWSworld 

Available in digital format from http://www.dynamite.com/htmlfiles/ and https://www.comixology.com/ and in print from your LCS! 

My second pick goes to Night’s Dominion #2, written and drawn by Ted Naifeh. Everything about this title spells love for the one that loves high fantasy, and such a tale centers around Emerane as she is barmaid by day and rogue by night in Umber.  Follow her tale as she must now seek help when the Furie becomes Umber’s new champion and she joins the Bard and set upon a most mysterious quest in the Cult of Uhlume’s Tower.  Available from http://onipress.tumblr.com/.


“When she’s not working as a barmaid, Emerane becomes the Night, the most wanted thief in Umber. But when the Furie, Umber’s self-proclaimed champion, declares himself her enemy, she’s soon penniless and desperate. Her only recourse is to join the Bard and his ragtag team of rogues as they infiltrate the Cult of Uhlume’s tower in search of untold riches. The tower is not as it seems, however, and our heroes-if we dare call them such-may find more than they bargained for in its murky depths.”

Via: Comixology and PREVIEWSworld

Available in digital format from https://www.comixology.com/ and in print from your LCS! 

And there you have it for the week of October 19, my friends! From rocking and rolling all night to barmaids that go moonlighting as rogues, IndiComix has your hook-up for the alternative book that your attention craves.  Pick up these fine pieces from your local shelf or buy them from the sanctity of your own search engine.  Recommend them to a friend.  Start a conversation and leave a comment or two! But most importantly Gatherers…GGG!