Remember, remember the Fifth of…oh wait. That passed.  Alright, can we all agree that “V” is still an amazing movie?  Thank you! Anyway, Gatherers, it has definitely cooled down significantly in the O.C. and it brings promise that fall is finally in full swing.  Personally, I think its a lot better.  The sun is up earlier and, with that lower temperature, it makes me just wanna get the bedside heater started and sit down with a good indie book.  I have many that I still need to get onto, but lets see what I will suggest to you this week! Oh and, spoiler alert…it all goes to Action Lab this week, indie readers!

STL062975The Harcourt Legacy #1
Writer(s): Brendan Cahill
Artist(s): Jason Federhenn
Cover Artist(s):  Brendan Cahill, Jason Federhenn
Publisher: Action Lab – Danger Zone

Synopsis: “Rich occultist Edward Harcourt lies on his deathbed. After a lifetime of searching for true magic, Edward thinks he’s found some answers, and he wants to pass them along to his grandniece, a gloomy teenager named Violet. But that may be a problem for Edward’s sister Edwina, who has her own plans for his legacy.”


Magic and the search for it.  It almost seems like a fruitless adventure yet, when a man finally thinks he has unlocked its mysteries its just a tad too late since he’s ready to meet his maker.  How best to learn about this newly found gift?  Why give it to the emo-grandniece of course.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  Well the only problem is, when you have a sibling who wants those secrets for herself, you find yourself in a situation where someone may not be so readily willing to just sit to the side and let that gift be given away.  And hey, when you deal with things involving the occult that is just the best recipe for awesomeness, is it not?  Well you be the judge and see if Violet is going to be the true inheritor to her uncle’s wisdom or not.  Maybe Auntie Edwina is willing to share.  Who knows? Delve into this book and find out for yourself!

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STL062961F.O.R.C.E. #1
Writer(s): Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson
Artist(s): Jay Reed
Cover Artist(s): Jay Reed
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Synopsis: “Quarterback Terrance Wright is about to play in the biggest game of his life, Supreme Bowl XXVII. However, events leading up to the game could alter his fate. Will Terrance’s health, finances, his scheming agent, a beloved rookie backup quarterback, and his personal relationship with the franchise operations manager take him to his breaking point before the game begins?”


At one point of my life I thought sports and comics simply didn’t mix.  It was books similar to this that made me change my mind instantly on this one.  Now granted, the audience may be limited as to the source of the story with regard to professional sports but I do believe the story is solid enough to entice one’s interest.  I mean what sports story isn’t complete without the popular playing possibly getting the terrible end of the deal with having to balance personal troubles along with his professional career?  More importantly, will dealing with that balance get him into the big game or not?  Taking bets now people!

Digital purchase is available through and  Hardcopy purchase is available through your LCS!

My oh my the chills just run over me as I suggest these Picks to you, my dear Gatherers.  And its besides the point that its quite cold now this evening as I write this.  Who doesn’t love a good tale of dying occultists wanting to impart magical mysteries to the right family members while also balancing the story of a pro athlete who just has to get his affairs in order right so that he can get into that big championship game?  Action Lab has done it this week folks in giving you these inviting stories, whether from their Danger Zone or Entertainment sections.  To find more information about this publisher, go to  But before you do that, also be sure to get these stories which are merely at the click of a button on your phone or tablet.  Go the next step, however, and support your local comic book shop by buying the hardcopy issues themselves!  Read them and share with your friends.  Start up a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly, Gatherers, remember…GGG!