Well well, my fellow Gatherers. It seems that I am definitely better from my cold but not wholly recuperated just yet.  But hey, at least we have the Thanksgiving Feast to look forward to and to being thankful for all life has thrown in our way thus far.  Personally for me, family and then comics are what I’m most thankful for, especially for how many great indie works are out there just begging to be read!  So lets just see what there is to be seen during this festive turkey-lurkey week!

My first pick goes to Steamcraft #1, a one-shot written and drawn by Fred Perry.  Look into the story of Professor Penelope Prince in her adventures to discover why her brother went mad in the middle of the frigid Antarctic!  The creator of Gold Digger works his magic in weaving a story of Lovecraftian themes combined with space opera horror!  Available from http://www.antarctic-press.com/.


“Fred Perry crafts cosmic horror with his steampunk spin on the Lovecraftian genre! Professor Penelope Prince learns the secret of her brother’s death twenty years ago: While in the Antarctic, he succumbed to an eerie madness and fled his tent unprotected. When she and her team quest to find out why, they discover the source of his insanity was but the merest fraction of an otherworldly abomination!”  

Via: Comixology and PREVIEWSworld 

Available in digital format from http://www.antarctic-press.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/ and in print from your LCS! 

My second pick goes to Chew #60, written by John Layman and drawn by Rob Guillory.  Simply put, this is the series finale!  Anyone a fan of this great book won’t need any additional words to draw them in to this conclusion.  Available from https://imagecomics.com/.


“SERIES FINALE Last issue. Double sized. Trifold cover. Epilogue.” 

Via: Comixology and PREVIEWSworld

Available in digital format from https://imagecomics.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/ and in print from your LCS! 

And there we have it for the week of the 23rd, guys! Stories of Lovecraftian madness in the Antarctic combined with a series finale to a great book.  What more could one ask for?  Well, maybe turkey, and mashed potatoes, and steaming boiled corn and…sorry.  Its just so close guys and gals. But seriously, find these books and more either at your local shop or on your search engine. Read them and get others to read them. Start up a conversation and leave a comment or two.  But more importantly…GGG!