March Madness is now at an end, Gatherers!  A long winded month finally at an end, but the Spring season is far from over.  With the ebbing month comes promise of April showers bringing May flowers.  Not that I am drawn to such silliness, however.  For me the end of the month, especially after the few “five Wednesday months” like this most recent one was, tends to bring special jewels to entice our indie comics needs.  So be sad all you want that March is ending, but before those Spring tears flow, how about we find what is good out this week, hmmm?

If I have said it once, I have said it maybe far too many times.  I am a big fan of of the stories of Riverdale.  Archie, Veronica, Betty. I mean so many great stories that have stood the test of decades.  It is for such love of story and character that I recommend this one-shot special on behalf of Archie Comics.  That and I have always wondered too, just how bad would it be if there was a true dark specter lingering behind Jughead’s appetite?  Thought provoking, isn’t it?

489548._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Title: Jughead: The Hunger #1 (one-shot)
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Michael Walsh
Cover Artist(s): Michael Walsh, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack
Publisher: Archie

Synopsis: “…Jughead Jones has always had an insatiable appetite… but what if his hunger came from a sinister place? When a murderous menace is on the prowl, taking the lives of some of the most well-known and esteemed inhabitants of Riverdale, Jughead and his family’s dark legacy comes to light. Join writer Frank Tieri (Wolverine) and artist Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers) for this horrifying one-shot for TEEN+ readers.”                                              -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase available at and  Hardcopy purchase at your LCS!

Anyone who knows me, whether through social media or on a personal level, knows that I am an unabashed fan of Alan Moore.  Simply put the man has, in my opinion, never written a mediocre story in all of his life in the business.  It may not be much but for me that is the primary reason I will say to check out this particular issue of this series by Avatar Press. Well that and the take on what the dark themes of cinema can do on one’s psyche has always intrigued me as well!

STL033770Title: Cinema Purgatorio #9
Writer: Alan Moore, et al.
Artist: Kevin O’Neil
Cover Artist: Kevin O’Neil
Publisher: Avatar

Synopsis: “Who doesn’t have fond memories from their youth of sneaking into the theater to see a movie they were too young to view?  But in this world of Alan Moore’s surreal cinema, viewing those features can be hazardous to your sanity.  Hiding in the back of the dark theater you wait for the feature to start and the ushers to leave… but something is horribly wrong.  The air is so dusty it’s hard to breathe and you feel like something is watching you.  This is where the madness begins…”                                                                                                                          -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase available at and  Hardcopy purchase at your LCS!

With that, the long month of March is now closed, everyone!  And soon enough I will be off to Wondercon this weekend with coverage to entice all you loving Gatherers.  Spring is in full effect now, and so many more wonderful indie comics titles will be available as it progresses.  I implore all of you to check such titles out.  Purchase them from the convenience of your own computer or tablet, but I will even go a step further as to encourage you to go to your local comic store and purchase them there as well.  Keep your local store going with such purchases so that we the readers have more outlets to fulfill our indie comics needs!  Read these fine gems.  Share them with your friends and start up a conversation.  Remember to leave a comment or two as well, but more importantly Gatherers…GGG!