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March Madness, Gatherers!  Well, maybe somewhat at least. After all, February just came and went and now we are slowly but surely edging by the remainder of winter on into the spring of this glorious year.  Some may start to take advantage of this time to begin the rigorous duty of ‘Spring Cleaning.’ Others may enjoy the renewal of nature after the winter frost has left.  But let’s be honest here.  Impending springtime implies more rainy days over the horizon, and its those days that I prefer to curl up by my bedside heater and read a good indie comic.  And for those who enjoy the same, then look no further as I bring on the week’s Picks!

This first pick appeals to my innate epicurean nature with regard to love of food.  This book and more is where its at when it comes to love of such things.  But then again, who wouldn’t think a story about a chef who caters to the needs of monsters is so epic and awesome??  Well, enter into the tale of Brianna Jakobsson and her quest to set up her own successful restaurant!

BraveChefBrianna_001_PROMOTitle: Brave Chef Brianna #1

Writer: Sam Sykes

Artist: Selina Espiritu

Cover Artist: Bridget Underwood

Publisher: BOOM!

Synopsis: “From fantasy author Sam Sykes (Aeons’ Gate) comes a story about budding chef Brianna Jakobsson, who’s trying to impress her father but whose best-and only-customers are monsters. Brianna has big dreams of starting her own restaurant. When her ailing father, a celebrity restaurant magnate, poses a challenge to his only daughter and 15 sons, she sets out to create the best restaurant around! Thing is, the only city she can afford to set up shop in is Monster City. Great for fans of Adventure Time and Steven Universe.”                                                                   -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase available on both and  Hardcopy purchase available at your LCS!

This second pick offers an alternative to the conventional wisdom regarding Arthurian legends.  Its perfect for an audience who enjoys diversity and a new spin on an old, but timeless, tale!  And of course it is just utterly awesome that the creators of Amelia Cole are behind this particularly new and exciting work.

once-and-future-queen-232142Title: Once and Future Queen #1

Writer: Adam P. Knave

Artist: Nick Brokenshire

Cover Artist: Nick Brokenshire

Publisher: Dark Horse

Synopsis: “It’s out with the old myths and in with the new as a nineteen-year-old chess prodigy pulls Excalibur from the stone and becomes queen. Now, magic, romance, Fae, Merlin, and more await her! Lend her your axe as the creators of Amelia Cole start a new age of adventure!”                                                                                           -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase available on both and  Hardcopy purchase available at your LCS!

Spring is officially a go, Gatherers! And with it are wonderfully innovative and creative ways to retell a classic tale or speak of would be restaurateurs who would cater to the monsters of our reality.  These kind of gems are what await you in the world of indie comics, people!  Take a walk on the wild side and look to these precious bits when on your search engine.  Or as an even better alternative, go down to your local comic shop and purchase them directly!  Support your local business.  Enjoy these fine pieces.  Read them and strike up a conversation with your friends.  Remember to leave a comment or two but most importantly, Gatherers…GGG!