Attention Gatherers. I am literally still in Comic-Con hangover mode as I write this.  I am not typing it on my own volition but am using Dr. Frankenstein’s technology just to jolt me in gear to write it against my will.  Alas, being so exhausted from the ultimate con experience of the year won’t deter me from trying to give you guys some amazing choices to look for on your tablet or when you head down to your local shop.  So let’s see what I will entice you with this week!

This first pick is the single best example for how the Chapterverse is continuing!  C’mon people, I mean we have plenty of Canadian superheroes to choose from but how many can actually say they have the “Captain” appended to their name as well?  Exactly! So follow this tale of Tom Evans wanting to leave the Canuck title behind and just lead a simple life in time for an alien invasion.

STL042378Title: Captain Canuck #1
Writer(s): Kalman Andrasofszky
Artist(s): Leonard Kirk
Cover Artist(s): John Gallagher
Publisher: Chapterhouse

Synopsis: “The Chapterverse continues! Captain Canuck returns with a brand new first issue! Tom Evans has walked away from Equilibrium, his brother Michael, and the mantle of Captain Canuck, choosing to return instead to a simple life on the reservation near Flin Flon where he grew up…” -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase through and  Hardcopy purchase through your LCS!

Anyone else absolutely love a story where a protagonist is pushed to the very limits, which in turn brings to surface a supernatural event or two to even the odds?  And no, I’m definitely not talking about Carrie.  I’m talking about a new character on behalf of another excellent book for the Chapterverse!  Only problem is, will gangs, violence and all that terrible stuff cause this character to bring more wanton slaughter than was anticipated?  Gotta read on for that, folks!

STL042371Title: Fantomah #1
Writer(s): Ray Fawkes
Artist(s): Soo Lee
Cover Artist(s): Djibril Morrisette
Publisher: Chapterhouse

Synopsis: “The Chapterverse continues, with this brand new series! 24-year old Paz Gallegos has been holding her family together for years. But when her two sisters go missing and her life begins to unravel, Paz finds herself thrown into a world of gangs, guns… and ghosts. Because something spectral is lurking just below the surface of Paz’s nightmares. Something not afraid to leave a trail of bodies in its wake. Fantomah’s story begins here, in a pulse-pounding first issue brought to you by Ray Fawkes and Soo Lee.” -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase through and  Hardcopy purchase through your LCS!

July is finally at an end, Gatherers!  But the summer is far from over.  As it continues to burn us day by day, I will continue to bring you those wonderful choices to wait out the heat with.  Of course, it’s as convenient as simply touching the screen of your tablet or phone to obtain these wonderful books and others, but I will challenge you to go the next step and head to your local comic shop and obtain the issues in hardcopy.  Read them thoroughly and share with your friends.  Spark up a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly is to remember this, Gatherers…GGG!