Howdy Gatherers!  This week is the perfect week for all geekdoms out there.  I’m talking about San Diego Comic Con, friends! That’s right, yours truly is heading down there and am going to be in midst of all the action, so let’s get onto the Picks while the gettin is good and I’ve still time to devote to the subject.  Oh yeah, I did say I was going to Comic Con, right?!  Er, just checking! Carry on my wayward, Gatherers!

Anytime you mix the realms of history and contemporary events along with the comics medium, you get an unbeatable combination to ensnare the masses with, I say! So just how would said story pan out if we have the Great Emancipator faced off against a contemporary-alternative version of the current President?  Read on and find out just what happens in this tale of epic proportions!

STL043622Title: Trump vs. Time Lincoln #1

Writer(s): David Hutchison

Artist(s): David Hutchison

Cover Artist(s): David Hutchison

Publisher: Antarctic

Synopsis: “The Great Emancipator, Time Lincoln, faces an all-new threat to existence–from within his homeland!  Just when he thought it was safe to go back in time, he discovers part of reality has been replaced by Alternate Reality, where what was once fact is now a matter of alternate choice.  Now the Travelers Team must defeat the mastermind, Final Trump, before he blows…the cosmic budget on a wall to keep his Alt-Reality safe!” -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase through and  Hardcopy purchase through your LCS!

This second pick is something that mixes elements of your superhero story with sci-fi and of course a big amount of adolescent angst here and there.  So too in the case of Kayla Tate as she must come back to her childhood hometown and must contend with old friendships and new rivalries.  Just what fates await her there?  Get to flipping those pages, readers!

STL049565Title: Catalyst Prime Superb #1

Writer(s): David Walker, Sheena C. Howard

Artist(s): LeBeau L. Underwood, Veronica Gandini, Ray-Anthony Height

Cover Artist(s): Ray-Anthony Height

Publisher: Lion Forge

Synopsis: “Teenager Kayla Tate is forced to move back to her hometown Youngstown, Ohio, an “Event” designated Level 5 impact zone.  Compared to her new life, returning to Youngstown is a step backwards. She has a strained relationship with her childhood friend, Jonah Watkins, school is a nightmare, and everyone is talking about the mysterious superhero and Internet sensation, ‘Cosmosis’…” -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase through and  Hardcopy purchase through your LCS!

Wow despite the fact that this week’s a crazy one, with all the excitement being focused down in San Diego, I was still able to provide you a few suggestions! Presidents mixed in a “Days of Future’s Past” story along with teenage angst superhero situations aplenty.  These are the wonderful gems you have to look forward to when tapping the screen of your tablet or buttons of your computer.  But I would challenge you to go the next step and support your local business by buying these books directly from your shop.  Read them and share with your friends.  Spark up a conversation and leave a comment or two.  But more importantly Gatherers…remember…GGG!