Happy New Year one and all, Gatherers!  I hope everyone’s holidays were magical and bright and that this new year brings great promise to everyone.  But what is your resolution for 2018?  Mine is simple in that I wish to read and enjoy even more indie comics than I did the previous year.  That in and of itself is an easily obtainable task, for in the realm of indie comics there is never a shortage of reading material to get on the market.  Curious for what to read this first week of the new year?  Then read on!

Underdog 1975 #1
Writer(s): Steve Skeates
Artist(s): John Albano
Cover Artist(s): Bill Galvan, Patrick Owsley, Adrian Ropp
Publisher: American Mythology Productions (reprint from Gold Key)

Synopsis: “Holy dancing disco bellbottoms, Underdog!  It’s 1975 again!  American Mythology has uncovered beautiful unpublished Underdog stories from the original Gold Key comic series that have never been seen before!  These stories are by the original creative teams of Steve Skeates and John Albano and were discovered in a collector’s stash.  We’ve resurrected these archeological finds and given them some TLC to create Underdog 1975.  We’re also including some groovy reprint stories from the Gold Key series to make this a one of a kind time capsule issue.  Go back in time with us to a simpler era with incredible cartoon characters.  Underdog 1975 comes with four covers, Rogues Main by Adrian Ropp, Throwback Homage by Bill Galvan, Classic by Patrick Owsley and a special Retailer Retro Animation Incentive Edition.


Nostalgia.  That’s one word that helps describe the greatness that is Underdog, people! Back in the day, when Gold Key published stories of this crime fighting hound, Underdog ruled the day for youngsters.  Now, with a series of previously unreleased stories, we have a virtual time machine at our disposal to bring this lovable superhero dog to a new era of readers! Complete with some reprint stories as well as sweet variant covers, you are looking at quite the amazing adventure, folks!

Digital purchase available at https://www.americanmythology.net/ and https://www.comixology.com/.  Hardcopy purchase available at your LCS!

Gao! #1
Writer(s): Alfred Perez
Artist(s): Alfred Perez
Cover Artist(s): Alfred Perez
Publisher: Antarctic Press

Synopsis: “Cower at the presence of Gao, colossal kaiju of cuteness!  This lovable leviathan spends his days under the sea until visiting aliens convince him to make friends on the surface.  Gao thus leaves the ocean depths, only to spread shock and d’awww in his wake.  This adorable mountain of menace unleashes destruction with every step…but how can you be mad at a face like that?


Now, if you’re ready for a wicked tale of kaiju, Pacific Rim, and jaegers and all that, then you’re definitely looking in the wrong place, friend!  Gao certainly is a kaiju but, he certainly isn’t coming to Earth’s surface to bring outright destruction and mayhem.  Mark my words Gatherers when I say that Gao wishes only to be your friend!  That’s right, read this tale of Gao’s adventure to the surface to befriend humanity.  Problem is, while he does wish only to be friendly, Gao ends up bringing unintentional damage and panic to the surface.  Seriously though people, with all that said and done, can you really stay mad at such a cute and adorable menace?  All hail the coming of Gao, Gatherers.  Let the hugs and terror begin!

Digital purchase available at http://www.antarctic-press.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/.  Hardcopy purchase available at your LCS!

What a cute and wacky way to begin 2018, Gatherers!  Tales of adorable kaiju and puppy crime fighters to entice all of your reading needs and invoke your inner-child.  Books like these and more are what comprise the indie comics world people.  And its available for you at the mere push of a button on your computer or tablet.  But I’ll challenge you to go the next step and to show support for your local comic book shop by buying the hard copies themselves.  Read them and share with your friends.  Start up a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly Gatherers, remember…GGG!