Gatherers one and all, we return this week with some wonderful suggestions to satisfy all your indie reading needs.  Hopefully they are always being satisfied, especially with the incoming convention season just around the corner.  Just what will be brought to the table this week?  Read on and find out, friends!

Northguard: Season 2 #1
Writer(s): Anthony Falcone
Artist(s): Giovanni Valletta
Cover Artist(s): Alex Perkins
Publisher: Chapterhouse Comics

Synopsis: “Northguard returns with a brand new first issue!  The fan favorite super-spy returns! Still reeling from the events in Captain Canuck, Phil Wise is struggling to adapt to civilian life. But when Phil is marked for death by the deadly assassin Wolf, Northguard is thrust back into action!


It seems Northguard is back on the scene again with all his spy-thriller intrigue.  Once again, Phil just cannot seem to catch a break with an attempt to just retire from the spy life and become a normal civilian.  But when that homicidal maniac Wolf has him marked for death, Wise is thrust back into the life he has already known. Unfortunate circumstance, big action payoff!

Digital purchase available on and Hardcopy purchase available from your LCS!

Mega Man: Mastermix #1
Writer(s): Hitoshi Ariga
Artist(s): Hitoshi Ariga
Cover Artist(s): Hitoshi Ariga
Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Synopsis: “The Blue Bomber returns to comics through the classic stories of Japanese artist Hitoshi Ariga – available for the first time in color! In a world where humans and robots live and work together, six powerful robots have suddenly turned against their programming and set their sights on causing chaos and destruction! Only one heroic robot stands in their path – Mega Man, the greatest creation of Dr. Light!


Mega Man is, arguably and definitively, one of the most iconic characters ever to grace the annals of the video game world.  What Udon has done here is provide a great opportunity to bring to light his origin in the classic stories of Hitoshi Ariga in the scope of an 80-page giant for all to enjoy. Enjoyable for both fans of the Blue Bomber and younger folk!

Digital purchase available on and  Hardcopy purchase available from your LCS!

What an exciting week for odes to older characters coming back for more! Mega Man’s origins combined with the exploits of Northguard getting back into the spy game.  This is indicative of what great indie reading material awaits you at the mere click of a button on your phone, keyboard or tablet.  Alas, go the next step and head out to your local comic book store and buy the actual issues themselves. You show your support for your local business that way, and you have a chance to further share the stories you read with your friends.  Start up a conversation on them and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly Gatherers, remember…GGG!