Here we are as August begins to wane, dear and loving Gatherers.  I notice the nights are seeming to be a little cooler and the days continue to have dreary warmth but, hey, at least this week we got to see a rocking eclipse, did we not?!  Well, at least those who were able to score some of those glasses that EVERY store seemed to either be sold out of or lacking.  But hey here I am just giving off a rant about petty matters when we all know the real reason you come here is to humor my great intellect.  Wait, you’re not here to stroke my intellectual ego? Really?!  Well, I never! I’ll just give you my Picks then since that’s obviously what you want from me.

This week we come across another great tale of one of comics’ finest female heroes, and I’m definitely not talking about She-Hulk here, guys and gals!  Nope, seems we have Lady Death up in arms about another matter entirely.  And why should she not be?  Some crazed rogue Fascist scientist is trying to enact a plan that will enable him to conquer the plane of Hell for his own uses.  Considering that’s where good ole L.D. started, you kinda have to see why she just isn’t gonna stand for that stuff.  So with this you get one amazing and epic story while having some smoking art at the same time!

STL052908Title: Lady Death: Merciless Onslaught #1

Writer(s): Brian Pulido, Mike MacLean

Artist(s): Dheeraj Verma

Cover Artist(s): Mike Krome, Shannon Maer, Billy Tucci, Michael Turner

Publisher: Coffin

Synopsis: “Herr Reich, a rogue Nazi scientist has kidnapped Jake the last innocent in Hell because he suspects he is the key to enacting his master plan and conquering Hell.  But Lady Death ain’t having it. Aided by Haxan and Hellrider, the diva of death plans to rescue Jake and dismantle everything Reich hold dear! But is it even possible? Featuring the sadistic Frau Helga and introducing newcomers Steelheart and Mr. Atticus Marrow and re-introducing Thanatos, demon lord of Hell, Wargoth of the Everkind and Eldritch princess Caprice.” -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase through and  Hardcopy purchase at your LCS!

What do you get when, after a life of crime, you decide after doing your time to go straight in life and be legitimate?  Well, I would imagine it would work for some people, but not for one who makes such a choice only to find out how hard it is for him to do so after a simple encounter at a bank one day.  After all, not only does his reputation precede him to allow some robbers to demand his services once more, but when you include the daughter of a crime lord in the mix you’re just asking for trouble. Not so easy going straight then, isn’t it?

STL053821Title: The Hard Place #1 (of 5)

Writer(s): Doug Wagner

Artist(s): Nic Rummel, Charlie Kirchoff

Cover Artist(s): Brian Stelfreeze,  Nic Rummel

Publisher: Image

Synopsis: “After five years in prison, AJ Gurney, a legendary wheelman in Detroit, has decided it’s time to go straight. He returns home to work in his father’s garage and disappear into anonymity.  But during a visit to the bank, AJ is recognized by two violent bank robbers, and they demand AJ be their getaway driver. To ensure his compliance, they take a young female hostage; unfortunately, she happens to be the daughter of a Russian crime lord. AJ now finds himself pursued by a bitter police department and hunted by every asset of the Russian mob. Without a doubt, he’s in a very hard place.” -PREVIEWSworld

Availability: Digital purchase through and  Hardcopy purchase at your LCS!

So, this week we are delighted with tales of the problems dealt to ex-cons and Mistresses of Hell not especially liking the shenanigans of Nazi weirdo scientists.  These kind of stories and more are what you can look forward to at the click of a button on your iPad or computer.  But I will challenge you to go that next step further and go to your local comic store and get the issues for yourself.  Read them and share with your friends.  Start up a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly Gatherers, remember…GGG!