Greetings all you wonderful Grand Geeks and Gatherers among the cosmos! We come to the middle of October and are that much closer to Halloween celebrations.  The days are becoming just a bit more cooled down and the desire for pumpkin spice increases along with a necessity for horror and slasher themed entertainment.  No doubt there’s much in the way of the latter form in the realm of indie comics so let’s just see what’s out there for our reading pleasure, hmm?!

Rock & Roll Biographies GWAR #1
Writer(s): Michael Aushenker
Artist(s): Lou Longo
Cover Artist(s): Lou Longo
Publisher: Acme Ink

Synopsis: “GWAR! The comic biography everyone’s been demanding that we do! So here it is in all its glory, I mean GORY! This issue will not be reprinted or have reorders so make sure you grab this one when you can! This issue is very special being that the creator/artist Lou Longo is suffering from MS. All proceeds will go to help Luis and his situation. A worthy cause and comic!


Every so often you come across a book that is not only worthy of our attention but also helps support a great cause.  With GWAR you are getting a comic biography that is not only in high demand but will have an incredibly limited run due to no reprints nor re-orders associated with its distribution.  So grab your copy today and with your purchase of this book you are helping the well-being of a truly awesome creator and artist!

Available in hard copy format at your LCS!

Spookhouse Halloween Special #1
Writer(s): Eric Powell, Gabe Soria
Artist(s): Eric Powell, Steve Mannion, Gideon Kendall
Cover Artist(s): Eric Powell
Publisher: Albatross Funnybooks

Synopsis: “The annual Albatross Funnybooks Halloween comic for kids of all ages is back! This extra length 32 page spine tingler features the work of Eric Powell, Steve Mannion, Gabe Soria, and Gideon Kendall!


The first thing one will already find enticing about this volume is the crafty and beautiful artwork of Eric Powell. Our insatiable appetites for his artwork we already find in abundance in the Goon comic but now we get a once a year taste of it again with 2019’s Spookhouse Halloween special! Thirty-two fun-filled pages with material that is entertaining yet appropriate for all ages! So whether they be young or young at heart, Eric Powell’s Spookhouse Halloween Special is the perfect bit of indie comic literature to get you in the frightful spirit for the upcoming holiday! And with the collaborative effort of Eric with Gabe Soria, Steve Mannion and Gideon Kendall, you know you’re getting all you want and more here!

Available in digital format from and  Hard copy format available at your LCS!

And there we have it for this spook-filled week, Gatherers and Grand Geeks! Gory musical biography compilations combined with classic horror tales of fun for all ages. These gems and others are yours for the taking and are available at the mere click of a button on your computer’s keyboard or the screen of your tablet or phone.  But trusting that you support local businesses like I do, I know you’ll head down to your local comic shop this Wednesday and purchase the hard copy editions for yourselves! Read them and share with your friends.  Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly, remember…GGG!