Hello Gatherers and Grand Geeks! I hope all is well with you. In my case I’m having to brave the elements of the hot wind that has consumed California’s southland. But no fear, I will take refuge in my inner sanctum and enjoy my many fandoms at will. But before doing so, let’s see what looks good this week in the indie comics world!

Fathom: The Core #1
Writer(s): Vince Hernandez
Artist(s): Mark Roslan
Cover Artist(s): Alex Konat, Donny Tran, Michael Turner
Publisher: Aspen Comics

Synopsis: “…Aspen Matthews was born of two worlds-The OCEAN and LAND. Now, deeper within the confines of The Earth-a new threat has risen, one that will reclaim the eco-system for those of much more powerful descent. The human world has tenuously learned to co-exist with the underwater species known as The Blue. The powerful Elite Blue Aspen Matthews has returned to her life’s work-that of a marine biologist. Yet, not all creatures from below are seeking peace, and when an unimaginable force from the deep confines of The Earth’s core makes their presence felt in a catastrophic way, Aspen and the entire Fathom Universe must unite in order to not only save themselves-but the entire planet!…”


Aspen has always been a woman of two worlds, of land and sea. But when a more powerful threat from Earth’s core threatens the very stability of the planet, Aspen must choose to defend humanity from that which would destroy it!

Available digitally at http://www.aspencomics.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/. Hardcopy available at your LCS!

West #1
Writer(s): John Grund
Artist(s): John Grund
Cover Artist(s): John Grund
Publisher: Uncivilized Comics

Synopsis: “Mo and Sal live and work on a farm selling their harvest at city farmers’ markets, practicing magic, and smoking herbs with their cat, Jynx. As society becomes over-reliant on technology, magic is quickly dying out, and industry pushes smaller farms out of the picture…”


In a world where magic is dying a painful death and technology is king, two small farmers must try and do everything they can to keep their land, especially if it means committing a heist upon the premier tech corporation in the West, Solomon Corps. Only problem is, these two uncover a grand discovery of conspiratorial proportions along the way!

Available digitally at https://uncivilizedbooks.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/. Hardcopy available at your LCS!

And there we have it for the week, Grand Geeks and Gatherers!  Small farmers uncovering grand conspiracies combined with another adventure of everyone’s favorite Elite Blue saving the Earth! These tales and so many more await you at the mere click of a button on your keyboards or at the touch of a screen on your phones and/ or tablets. But since I know many of you consciously support local businesses, I will encourage you to head down to your comic store this Wednesday to pick up the hardcopy issues themselves. Read them and share with your friends. Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two. But most importantly, remember…GGG!