Hello to all of you, my adoring Gatherers and Grand Geeks! I truly hope everyone is able to handle this heatwave as best as they can. For my sake, it is tough to indulge in fandoms when uncomfortable in midst of rising temperatures. Alas, they must go on, and so do we. This weekend I look forward to an engaging session of D&D as a game master as well as enjoy some quality reading and relaxation. But before I do so, let’s see what looks good this week inside of the indie comics world!

Redman #1 (of 5)
Writer(s): Matt Frank
Artist(s): Matt Frank
Cover Artist(s): Matt Frank, Christian Gonzalez, Jolyon Yates
Publisher: Behemoth Comics

Synopsis: “From the studio that created the cult TV show Ultraman (Now a Marvel Comics series and Netflix Show). Here is Redman, the Kaiju Hunter…Trapped in a desolate and yet somehow familiar world populated with a vast array of the ferocious beasts known as “Kaiju,” Redman continues his endless Red Fight, battling tirelessly to cull the monsters. With each fierce battle, the mysterious, blood-splattered “hero” sinks closer to his prey, ready to strike. This while a sinister form watches and records his every move…”


Redman is a hunter of kaiju, and trapped within a realm populated with such hulking and raging beasts. Naturally then he continues his infinite crusade against these monstrosities. The problem, however, is that he’s slowly devolving into the savagery they exhibit. And just what “voyeur” seems to be watching and noting his every move?!

Available at https://behemothcomics.us/ and your LCS!

Mindset #1
Writer(s): Zack Kaplan
Artist(s): John Pearson
Cover Artist(s): John Pearson, Martin Simmonds
Publisher: Vault Comics

Synopsis: “When an introverted tech geek accidentally discovers mind control, he and his friends do something unexpected – they put the science into an app to help users break their technology addiction. But as their Mindset app achieves a dangerous cult following, lies, conspiracies, and murder come to light. Are they helping people or controlling them?


Somehow, this seems like it should be a science-horror story if ever I did see one! An introvert discovering the secret mysteries of mind control and putting it into an app to help ‘techies’ break their addiction to technology? Oh that doesn’t seem like something to be abused at all! Of course not. Not even when dark realities and unfortunate side effects begin to develop. Nah, mind control is definitely not the mindset here.

Available at https://www.vaultcomics.com/ and your LCS!

And there we have it for the week, Gatherers and Grand Geeks! Tales of introverts using mind control to sway tech-junkies combined with kaiju-hunting superheroes on the verge of becoming animals themselves. These tales and so many more await you at the mere click of a button on your keyboards or at the touch of a screen on your phones and/or tablets. But since many of you love supporting local businesses, I will encourage you to head down to your comic stores this Wednesday to pick up the hard copy issues themselves. Read them and share with your friends. Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two. But most importantly, remember…GGG!