Hello to all you adoring Grand Geeks and Gatherers out there in the geeky cosmos!  It seems that as I am writing this that the very fires of Mordor have come to our neck of Southern California, reaching into the nineties as far as temperature scales goes.  The heat has finally arrived in full force, friends!  So if you don’t mind I’m going to rush to the sanctity of my electrical fan and cool off with a drink in hand.  But before I do that, lets see what I shall recommend for you this week!

Jughead’s Time Police #1
Writer(s): Sina Grace
Artist(s): Derek Charm
Cover Artist(s): Derek Charm, Tyler Boss, Francisco Francavilla, Robert Hack, Tracy Yardley
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications

Synopsis: “BRAND NEW SERIES! When Jughead messes up his Riverdale Annual Bake-Off pie recipe so terribly, he is disqualified and banned from all future Bake-Offs! Jug goes to unthinkable lengths to fix his error: time travel! Even Riverdale’s most erudite teenager can’t manage the delicate dance of going back in time, and poor Juggie lands himself in an epic battle to keep the time stream intact!


Jughead is one of those kinds of characters that personally for me became an acquired taste over time.  And I say that because of all the silly antics he comes to find himself in.  Case in point, now that Juggie has terribly botched his attempt at a bake-off, he believes the answer to solving his problems with said attempt is time travel.  Ah yes that good ole plot device that never seems to be at a lack of usage.  But in this case, I truly wonder if Juggie will only make things worse?!

Available in digital format from http://archiecomics.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/.  Hard copy format available at your LCS!

Rick and Morty presents Mr. Meeseeks #1
Writer(s): James Asmus, Jim Festante
Artist(s): CJ Cannon
Cover Artist(s): CJ Cannon, Josh Perez, Sarah Stern
Publisher: Oni Press

Synopsis: “A message from Mr. Meeseeks: You ASKED for it, and we’re obligated to deliver! That’s what Meeseeks DO, after all! But WAIT… who the asked us to find the MEANING OF LIFE?!? If you make this hard for us, things are gonna get reeeaaal ugly for YOU…!


Books like this sometimes really make one see the wisdom in the statement of being careful of what one wishes for lest they actually get it.  And with that said, we now have Meeseeks at front and center of his own book coming to you courtesy of Oni Press.  No turning back now, friends.  Meeseeks is here and apparently they are SEEKING (see what I did there?) answers to all of life’s grand mysteries out there.  But its all by design apparently, for this is what we wanted, right?!  Well, lets hope so anyway.  Because we all know too darn well how it ends up when we make it difficult for them!

Available in digital format from https://onipress.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/.  Hard copy format available at your LCS!

And there we have it for this scorching week, Gatherers and Grand Geeks!  Shenanigans of Meeseeks and Jughead all on the very same day.  Its almost too much to speak of, honestly.  But take heart in knowing that these gems and so many others are available at the click of a button on your tablet, phone or keyboard. But I know you will be the supporters of local business you are and head down to your stores this Wednesday to pick up the hard copies themselves.  Read them and share with your friends.  Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly, remember…GGG!