Happy New Year to Gatherers and Grand Geeks alike! Yours truly has just about had his fill of the holidays, even if for all intents and purposes we still have four more days of holiday left.  Twelve Days of Christmas and all!  Alright maybe I like to stretch things out just a bit.  But trust you me it does not diminish my ability to provide you with some excellent recommendations to read along the way to cope with these cold days of winter. Let’s peruse, shall we?

Aspen Visions Executive Assistant Iris: The Midst of Chaos #1 (of 3)
Writer(s): Blake Northcott
Artist(s): Donny Tran
Cover Artist(s): Donny Tran, Micah Gunnell
Publisher: Aspen MLT Inc.

Synopsis: “In the tradition of DC’s Elseworlds and Marvel’s “What If?” classic stories comes Aspen’s most mind-bending concept ever-ASPEN VISIONS!  It all begins here in a special three part mini-series spanning across Aspen’s most popular titles-Fathom, Soulfire and Executive Assistant Iris! Journey through time and reality beginning in the pages of Executive Assistant: Iris, as the preeminent heroine Iris emerges in Ancient China in the middle of a deadly war! Just how does this battle from the past-and Iris–merge into the Fathom and Soulfire universes?


Aspen now takes a cue from the Big Two and engages in some imaginary storytelling of classic characters set within the Aspen mythos!  A most exciting and entertaining approach as we find femme fatale Iris in the midst of China in elder times while war is on the horizon. Alternate reality storytelling in its finest form.

Available in digital format from http://www.aspencomics.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/.  Hard copy format available at your LCS!

HALO: Lone Wolf #1 (of 4)
Writer(s): Anne Toole
Artist(s): Kieran McKeown, J. L. Straw
Cover Artist(s): Christian Ward
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Synopsis: “Sent on a covert mission without the rest of her team, Spartan Linda-058’s skills in infiltration and marksmanship are called upon to end the threat posed by a wanted scientist on a distant planet. With only an ONI AI at her side, Linda must fight through both the dregs of the Covenant and the hostility of a lost human settlement to stop the rogue scientist in his tracks.”


It seems that Linda is representing the Spartans this time in this four issue miniseries.  She is specifically called on to eliminate a rogue scientist on a distant planet with only a simple ONI and her special skill set at her disposal.  No back up. No reinforcements.  Few things in her favor against the low points of the Covenant and a lost settlement in her mission to bring justice to this scientist.

Available in digital format from https://www.darkhorse.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/.  Hard copy format available at your LCS!

Strong females take front and center again this week, dear indie readers!  Spartan Linda-058 and Executive Assistant Iris are thrown into challenges not of their usual venue.  One on a distant planet against overwhelming odds while another faces challenges in an alternate past. These great stories and so many others await you at the mere click of a button on your keypad, mouse, tablet or phone.  But I will challenge you to take that extra step forward and head down to your local stores this Wednesday and pick up the hard copies themselves, thereby showing your support for your local businesses.  Read them and share with your friends.  Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two.  But most importantly, remember…GGG!