Happy almost Valentine’s Day to all you wonderful Grand Geeks and Gatherers out there in the nether realms! What a wicked cold snap we’ve had return to us in the Southern California area. Why even as I write this I find myself bundled up in layers upon layers with a heater blasting away and I still feel chilled to the bone! Perhaps I just need some flowers and chocolates. Or perhaps just provide you some new indie comic selections for this week. I think we’ll go with the latter, hmm??

Undone by Blood: The Shadow of a Wanted Man #1
Writer(s): Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson
Artist(s): Sami Kivela
Cover Artist(s): Sami Kivela
Publisher: Aftershock Comics

Synopsis: “In the early 1970s, Ethel Grady Lane returns to her hometown of Sweetheart, Arizona with one thing on her mind: killing the man who murdered her family. But first, she’ll have to find him. As Ethel navigates the eccentric town and its inhabitants, she learns that the quaint veneer hides a brewing darkness. She has no choice but to descend into a ring of depravity and violence, with her only ally an Old West novel that follows famed gunslinger Solomon Eaton. As both stories unfold simultaneously, a love of fiction informs choices in reality, for better or worse. From the minds of Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson (The Dregs, X-Men, HER INFERNAL DESCENT) and artist Sami Kivela (Abbot, Tommy Gun Wizards) comes a neo-western that depicts the hard truth of seeking vengeance in the real world.”


What do you get when you combine Old West philosophy with hard choices surrounding vengeance in real life? Why, one helluva conundrum of course, and one that Ethel Grade Lane must deal with as she contemplates the latter!

Available in digital format from https://aftershockcomics.com/ and https://www.comixology.com/. Hard copy format available at your LCS!

Carson of Venus: The Eye of Amtor #1
Writer(s): Mike Wolfer, Christopher P. Carey, Matt Betts
Artist(s): Mike Wolfer, Vincenzo Carratu
Cover Artist(s): Vincenzo Carratu, Mike Wolfer
Publisher: American Mythology Productions

Synopsis: “In 2020, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. will be launching the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe, an all-new series of interconnected novels by today’s top sci-fi writers… And it all begins at American Mythology with a groundbreaking comics prequel series to the first ERB Universe novel, Matt Betts’ Carson of Venus: The Edge of All Worlds! In Carson of Venus: Eye of Amtor, stranded Earthman Carson Napier fights against time and the planet Venus itself, tasked with gathering natural artifacts from across wild Amtor before a mad king executes his friends Ero Shan and Nalte. But Carson is not alone, as Princess Duare battles at his side against unearthly creatures and savage landscapes!…”


The wider world of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe is now being brought to the forefront with this compilation of interconnected stories weaving tales of some of sci-fi’s top talent! Featuring tales of Carson, Gridley and Harben!

Available in digital format from http://www.americanmythology.net/ and https://www.comixology.com/. Hard copy format available at your LCS!

And there we have it for the week, folks! Stories of contemporary and older interpretations of blood vengeance combined with the launching of ERB’s wider universe on the comics page. These gems and others are available at the mere click of a button on your keyboard or on the screens of your tablets and/or phones. But being the conscious supporters of local business that I trust you are, I’m sure you’ll head down to your comic shop this Wednesday to pick up the hard copy issues themselves! Read them and share with your friends. Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two. But most importantly, remember…GGG!