Howdy to all you wonderful Grand Geeks and Gatherers out there! I hope everyone is trying to stay warm as we slowly but surely head down to holiday festivities in the upcoming weeks! I do so myself with a good indie book in one hand and eggnog in the other. Let’s see what looks good in the indie reading world this week.

Archie Christmas Spectacular #1 (one-shot)
Writer(s): Various
Artist(s): Various
Cover Artist(s): Harry Lucey
Publisher: Archie Comics

Synopsis: “Have some festive fun and holly jolly hijinks in this special collection of Christmas tales!


One knows they never are going to be at a loss for shenanigans when it comes to holiday fun with everyone’s favorite redhead from Riverdale. Just what Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead and others have in store for this season’s greetings one can only speculate on. But whether one is a fan of the winter holidays, or a fan of Archie and his entertaining world, this particular one shot aims to please its audience. So be sure to bring in the new year right with such a great compilation of stories!

Available digitally from and Available in hardcopy at your LCS!

Byte Sized #1 (of 4)
Writer(s): Cullen Bunn
Artist(s): Nelson Blake II
Cover Artist(s): Rahzzah
Publisher: AWA Upshot Studios

Synopsis: “When two young siblings excitedly unwrap their final Christmas presents, they discover toy robots unlike anything they have ever seen. And with good reason. What the kids and their parents don’t know is that their quaint suburban home just became the beachhead for these self-aware ‘bots that have begun to explore the outside world. And when one of the ‘bots breaks bad, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to stop him.”


When two siblings open gifts of toy robots, little do they realize what sort of mayhem will have been created as these robots are among many that intend to make Earth their possession. Truly this is the gift that keeps on giving, right?

Available digitally at and Available in hardcopy at your LCS!

And there we have it for the week, folks! Holiday inspired tales involving the redhead from Riverdale, and toy robots gone amok! These stories and so many others are available at the mere click of a button on your keyboards or at the touch of a screen on your phones and/or tablets. But knowing you support local businesses through and through, I no doubt trust you will had down to your comic stores this Wednesday and pick up the hard copy issues themselves. Read them and share with your friends. Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two. But most importantly, remember…GGG!