Hello one and all you adoring Grand Geeks and Gatherers! As I write this I sigh some breath of relief that there is a cool layer of clouds overhead, bringing some much needed drop in temperature to the weather landscape. I am so comfortable that I’m almost tempted to do nothing this fine day. But as a geek who loves my fandoms, this will not suffice. I plan on enjoying some much needed tabletop games and catching up on reading. But before I do so, let’s see what looks good in the indie comics world!

New Zodiax Aquarius #1 (one-shot)
Writer(s): Joe St. Pierre
Artist(s): Joe St. Pierre
Cover Artist(s): Joe St. Pierre
Publisher: Astronaut Ink

Synopsis: “Created by Joe St.Pierre (Spider-Man, Venom). Aquarius was once the water bearer. In an age where what you know can mean life or death, today the New Aquarius is the Information Bearer. Benjamin F, aka the Liberaider, is the Robin Hood of Cyberspace, a teen-age hacker who steals from the info-rich, gives to the info-poor, and becomes the most wanted man on the planet as a result. Full color cyber action with a glossy card stock cover!


A new series from the genius of Joe St. Pierre. In this far off age, knowledge is key. And whether one has it or not is the deciding factor in deciding where one might live or die. An informational social bandit by the name of the Liberaider has taken to cyberspace to steal information and redistribute it from the haves to the have nots. Now, the former water bearer Aquarius is now the information bearer, and no doubt will need to see that justice is done.

Available at https://www.astronautink.com/ and your LCS!

Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special #1 (one-shot)
Writer(s): Frank Forte
Artist(s): Edu Menna, MoraMike, Frank Forte
Cover Artist(s): Aly Fell
Publisher: Asylum Press

Synopsis: “Asylum Press brings you a horrific blood thirsty collection of all-new Vampire tales. Frank Forte and MoraMike deliver “Blood Wine” where an elder statesman of the sanguine brings young naive millennials to his castle for a “wine tasting”, only too late do they find out they will soon be the main course. In “Desert Raid” a group of marauders attempt to free a vampire trapped in a post-apocalyptic prison, they soon find out she is not what she seems, illustrated by Edu Menna…”


A wonderfully macabre (see what I did there?) compilation of vampire horror! Whether in a vampire statesmen collecting unsuspecting mortals for a “wine tasting”, or desert raiders freeing a horrible creature of the night, or a lewd story of a lusty vampire queen, the Vampire Macabre: Halloween Special one-shot fills all your horror needs!

Available at https://www.asylumpress.com/ and your LCS!

Vampires Halloween Special Edition #1 (one-shot)
Writer(s): Steve Banes
Artist(s): Lou Cameron, Dick Beck, George Klein
Cover Artist(s): John Celardo, Frank Forte
Publisher: Asylum Press

Synopsis: “Sink your teeth into October’s horrifically haunted Halloween one-shot special. It’s sure to drain the ever-livin’ life out of you-or at least drive you batty! Editor/host Mr. Karswell returns with yet another creepy, creaking castle literally swarming with vicious pre-code Vampires! Featuring rarely seen blood sucker classics from the gory Golden Age of comics, highlighting the spine-chilling art of Lou Cameron, Dick Beck, George Klein, and more!..”


An absolute love letter to the Golden Age of comics with regard to the horror genre, this one-shot provides some of the most intriguing bloodsucking tales from the bygone era before the rise of the Comics Code Authority! Some of the best scary artwork of the finest luminaries in the artworld of the time to grace your eyes. Be frightened and entertained all at once!

Available at https://www.asylumpress.com/ and your LCS!

And there we have it for the week, folks! Tales of cyberpunk informational crises combined with some macabre horror in the months leading up to Halloween! These absolute gems and others await you at the mere click of a button on your keyboards or at the touch of a screen on your tablets and/or phones. But since many of you support local businesses, I will also encourage you to head to your comic shop this Wednesday to pick up the hard copy issues themselves. Read them and share with your friends. Start a conversation and be sure to leave a comment or two. But most importantly, remember…GGG!